OG Jonah Jackson gets respect from peers and coaches

Jackson wasn’t among the top-10 in the fan balloting, meaning he drew much of his consideration from the league’s coaches and players, who make up two-thirds of the selection process.

“He’s been very valuable,” offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn said. “Just his whole mentality that he brings to the offensive line room. His mindset, he’s very aggressive and on game day, he plays really aggressive. I don’t want to say dirty, but he plays really aggressive. He just brings that grit that you want in the offensive line. That’s part of his intangibles and his leadership.”

Jackson put in a lot of extra work this offseason, with an emphasis on his hand placement and striking under the tutelage of assistant strength coach Morris Henry, who is a black belt in Taekwondo. That’s paid dividends, particularly in the run game, where Jackson has made his biggest strides.


Jonah needs to get tougher IMO

But…I dont think toughness can be taught…

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