This guy is set to come back already . Makes me wonder if Jamo’s injury is worst . If I remember right his tear was in march . Man I hope Jamo is something special and worth the wait !!


I think the difference is the Ravens are in a playoff race and have a winning record. If they were 1-6, I bet Ojabo isn’t back playing yet. Pretty unreal that he is coming back so soon though. He only tore the achilles in March.


I’m getting a little concerned at this point. Hopefully, it’s not warranted.

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Guys seem to be coming back from achilles injuries quicker than they do torn ACLs. That’s a league-wide trend so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Plus we’re being conservative while they’re being aggressive.


Coming back and yet outside of El Jefe still not having great results. Am I forgetting someone else that came back better than ever?

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That was May 3.

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No, they’re not coming back strong at all. But they are coming back. I mean I guess James Robinson’s been OK, and that’s kinda true of ACL injuries too, guys generally don’t look great right away.

D’Onta Foreman is the great hope now for guys recovering from achilles injuries, he looks great. But it’s been what, like 3 years?

Has JW gotten slower since then?

Good point on Foreman. Forgot about him.

I’ve always been an El Jefe homer but even I couldn’t have imagined he’d do this. Really remarkable and a testament to his work ethic.


There has been no bragging in the last few months, that I have seen…from anyone.
Just the canned, “we’re being smart with him”.

So, the Ravens get R. Smith & Ojabo back this week. The rich get richer…

And the stupid get?

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“Wait’ll next year…”


So true . I just hope he comes out and lights the world on fire . Which I doubt will happen .

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That’s why I worry about Romeo.

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I’m not worried because I’ve already written him off. Okwara was slow to begin with and it’s difficult to imagine how he’s going to come back at the same level.

Kd, klay and okudah feel like anomalies to me from returning from an achillies

As soon as we pay a guy, he gets injured immediately.
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