Ok, did I just get Combinized?

Look I’m a tape guy. I had us trading down for Okudah or Brown. With a TD for Simmons a distant third choice, just due to him (in my mind) being a 230lb coverbacker in our system which doesn’t favor coverbackers. THEN he showed up at 238 and ran a 4.39. Then Brown made Snacks 3 cone time look like Jahvid Best and was 326 which is less 3t/5t tweener which was highly valuable, and more A’Shawn plus NT which isn’t to 3-5 valuable. Kinlaw seems more that, but I don’t think is top 5 material. I’m ok with how Okudah ran. Not blown away mind you, but I think he’s a plug and play CB that won’t let you down as a day one #2 and will take away a teams #1 more often than not IMO.

So now I’m trying to convince myself that Patricia (and Undlin) can put a guy like this, to work. Christian Jones is the least talented of the existing LB’s under contract. So that is where I see the fit in a 4-3. 256 to 238 is a big swing, but what he lacks in sand in the britches, he makes up for in playmaking ability. In a Nickle he’s covering RB’s, TE’s and Slot receivers. If they want to go 3 man front with Tavai, Jones and JD, you can put Simmons at JACK and have him rush from the LOS.

You basically don’t have to take this guy off the field ever. He can be your 4th DB. The guy has the tape, the stats, big games, elite competition and now elite explosive numbers at a better weight. LB at 5? Normally no, but when I’m looking at defensive playmakers, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore Simmons for me. Is he a better prospect than Devin White? I think so.


Simmons is way too fast for Patricia’s defense: he values slow LBs.

Any time JD is on the field, he’s a liability to the entire defense. If he’s not rushing, he’s completely useless (just a side note).


I think the key is to stop imagining what you would do, and start imagining what Quinntricia would do. I would say there’s a 0% chance they draft Simmons.

If it’s any consolation, I would take you as GM over Quinn any day of the week 3rd.


So is Simmons replacing the linebacker with just got a contract extension like a month ago, or the linebacker they took in a second round last year, or the linebacker they took in the first round? Oh I get it he’s replacing the linebacker that actually gets sacks!

I really really really really hate Quinn


Yes. His extension doesn’t preclude us from making him a backup or used in heavier sub packages that still include Simmons. Jones is costing us like 2.25M this year, so not like must start type number. More like must upgrade and we should. Maybe not with Simmons up top, but we need better in that second level in a hurry.


I just don’t see a world in which Simmons isn’t at least as good as Minkah Fitzpatrick and Derwin James.

Is that a top 3 pick? I don’t know.

But I saw maybe the greatest offense in college football history not even be able to get 1st downs until they totally avoided the part of the field he was on.


I was surprised they extended him. I view him as our hands down weak link. Sure, beefing up the first level will help him, but he just doesn’t look like a very good player, to me. Kenard = serviceable, Davis = out of position (inc.), Tavai = haven’t seen the ceiling, but looks to have potential (inc), and Jones = not very good… Just my opinion, of course, but I sure do view him as the softest spot in the 2nd level (on a group that is pretty average at best).

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He’s not replacing just a LB. He’s replacing a safety first, and a LB 2nd.
Tavai doesn’t change anything he’s doing. He’s still an off the ball middle lb who plays some snaps on the ball outside.

It wouldn’t be horrible if we ended up with him. If he’s a core player with 100% of the defensive snaps and you net another mid-round-1 pick in a trade down, there would be value to it.


Combinized …
Good word
Simmons at 240 and at that speed would definitely be a consideration on a trade down
More and more I’m warming up to a trade down
I’m always about mitigating risk

One of the things that intrigue me about the possibility the Lions will draft Simmons is how he could be used. First off let me say that I am not a fan of either of the starting OLBs. Kennard gets washed out alot more then he gets into the backfield. Some might say that is because of the scheme and I would disagree, from what I have seen his lack of effective pass rush moves limit his abilities. On the other side Jones is okay in coverage, but is not that great at stopping the run, so basically a one trick pony. Which IMO is not what the Lions are looking for long term. Now we add in the information that the Lions like to use a 3 safety scheme. Since Simmons has shown in College that he can play off the edge, in coverage as an OLB, and both Safety positions. It seems to me that if the Lions did decide to draft him, it would have a much bigger impact on the total defense then what we might see from either Brown or Okudah(unless Slay gets traded which does not look like it will happen at this time).

In the end if Young is there then he is the best option, after that I am leaning toward Simmons as the player that would have the biggest impact on turning the Lions defense around.

I see Jones as terrible in coverage and ok against the run. He’s 250, Tavai is 250, JD is 245 and Kennard is 256. None of them are quick enough at that size to cover 3rd down backs and move TE’s more than 10 yards in a zone drop. We do have JRM and Cabinda who are sub 240 guys that are more athletic. But as I’ve said ad nauseum, on 3rd and 26 it was Tavai as the lone LB, not JRM and he had to cover the back deep down the field. So I just don’t know what to make of that.

It’s just Lions luck that we are sitting at three and utterly confused on who we should take because no one stands out as sure fire value at a position of need there. Maybe Becton is the closest thing to a sure thing IF he’s Ogden. Otherwise we are probably going to reach for a player even if we do the smart thing and trade down from 3. I’m starting to wonder what Washington would take for the 2 and Young. I’d love to add picks not lose them, but I’m starting to open my mind to it.

My problem with Simmons is, he’s not going to be a sack artist in the NFL, he gets engulfed by lineman too easily. He’d definitely be able to cover RBs and TEs, but I don’t want to take a cover LBer in the top 10.

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I get you 3rd, there are options and depending on how the Lions look at each position and each player the draft could go in many different ways. Now I add in that I am not convinced that the Redskins are looking to get Young at #2 like so many are. It appears to me that there have much bigger issues on their OLine, and did you see how those top OTs looked at the combine. I would say that at this time it is about 40/60 that they target Young over an actual position of need like OT, especially with the way these top OTs are looking at this point.

I get this totally. To boot he isn’t a knock out type tackler either that is going to be an intimidating hitter. More of a drag down guy, which is ok, but leaves you wanting if you are going to drop a high pick on a Linebacker. Are we going to have to take a freaking Tackle when it’s our defense that sucks balls?

No question Becton and Wirfs look really good and Trent Williams is looking like he does not want to be back. I also question whether they will ride with Haskins if they think THIS is their chance at an elite QB and hoping they won’t be back up top again. I also fully realize that I really want this to happen (so it’s unlikely).

That’s my preference if young is gone

What’s the play? I’d like to pull it up.

Wish I could tell you exactly, but it was later in the year when Tavai was getting a lot of time. It was right before he got hurt himself if memory serves. May have been that game. It was definitely not a blitz, and Tavai peeled off with the back immediately, so this is my problem. It WAS the plan to have a 250 ILB cover the back on 3rd and forever. The back swung around the left side of the line, then ran an in route over the middle. The pass was low and he dove and bobbled it. Tavai, to his credit, used every ounce of his ability on the play and actually was in position to possibly knock the ball out, if the RB had made the diving catch. The pass fell incomplete, but left me scarred really. That JRM was healthy but the choice by Patricia/Paz was to have Tavai as their cover man taking the RB on 3rd and 26. It makes zero sense unless it’s a blitz and from the snap it was obvious that it wasn’t.

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Overthinking this but all three have faults. Brown having a sub-par combine. Simmons is a good at everything, but not great at one. Okudah is handsy which may not play well in the NFL (especially for the Lions). And we still have a month and a half to go,

In addition I would disagree that Simmons is good at everything but not great at one, I would say that he is great at exactly what he does which is play multiple positions at a high level.