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I cannot watch any of these sports shows this morning. All anyone wants to talk about is the effin Dallas Cowboys. Now mind you I actually root for the Cowboys (well I was raised that way) but bruh….it’s 31 other effin teams the league. The only reason they talk about the Jets on Get Up is because Greeny is a diehard Jet fan. If they mention the Lions it’s because of Dan O because he played in Detroit or Chris Canty because he grew up in Detroit and is a Lions fan


Despite the fact that Greeny is giving the Jets some coverage, let me ask you…

Do you think that win against the Broncs will do anything for the Jets going forward? You know how we used to be that magical elixir that would get other teams up and running? You think the Jets will take it to another level after yesterday’s win?

Another question… Are you comfortable with the amount of exposure “bulletin board” material gets there? It seems to me the Lions are all about the Lions and I MUCH prefer that. So, while it’s kind of cool seeing the Jets give Hackett the game ball, there’s a part of me that thinks a better team tunes that noise out.


I think yesterday gave Jet fans hope….IMO Dan thrives in the “ignored” or under dawg role…. We have heard him speak on it “They don’t believe in you….but I believe in you men” (he said that last year at some point, maybe after the Packer win after a 1-6 start). So I agree Dan and the Lions are about THE LIONS, and like you, I prefer it that way as well! :100:


Most of those morning shows are hard to watch. I can only take so much of Greeny’s fake meltdowns and rants, stopped watching. Or Skip focusing the first hour on cowboys, lakers, coach prime, unwatchable.

I like Boomer+Gio. Yeah, they kinda focus on NY Sports, but overall, talk all sports. Carton Show not bad either, wide range of topics.

The Lions won’t be discussed on these shows until they consistently win.

What I wanna know is, why has every damn show adopted that stupid diagonal view of their highlight packages. JUST STOP IT.

The Cowboys have beat….

Danny Dimes.
Zach Wilson.
Mac Jones.

And… lost to Josh Dobbs.

Amazing fortuitous luck also has them facing the Chargers next week… while Herbert will be out with his broken finger.

Philly (x2)… Buffalo… Miami… probably gonna smoke them.

Sports media suck these days. Instead of highlights you get talking faces on your screen. Miss the old NFL Prime Time with Boomer and Berman. That was a damn good sports show! Now its just talking heads repeating themselves all day with the same boring ass talking points and stories.

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Boomer IS Berman


Boomer and Jackson is what I meant.

I stopped watching after Stephen A Smith. Dude yells so much for what?