Ok ok, I remember a swarm of you complaining about The Pre Season

Here we are with that 2 games now in Preseason “left” i might add and yes The day AFTER Thee 4th Of July 2020 where i didn’t see as much as a Sparkler lit this year…
Back to Topic.
IF Your going to have 4 Pre Season games??? fine.

IF Your going to have 3 Pre Season games ??? fine.

IF Your going to have only 2 Pre Season games ??? * WHY have any?? What is the point?

I always liked the pre season BUT many of you said that you thought they were either meaningless OR that you wished we did not have them all together.

NOW? I don’t see any point in having 2 PS games …I would rather not have any. , and just let us run 80% defensive drills or have the team go through MORE Strength & Conditioning !!! instead of any Pre Season games (IF all you have is 2.)

Can’t control it. Definitely not gonna get all hot’n’bothered about it.

Here’s what AI thinks…

I prefer preseason, and like it. but…meh… Right now, I’m just hoping for football. We all have stories that we’ve told ourselves. We all choose to believe our own stories. To me, the difference between 2, 3, or 4 preseason games is nothing I’ll lose any sleep over. Just hoping for a season, man.

There were fireworks (I’m sure mostly illegal all over Orlando, and I saw footage of the same in LA. I’m sure most cities had that going on. I know Saginaw, MI did, because my brother told me about his baby’s first 4 of July reactions to fireworks. Hilariousness.


I love that AI clip with all of my heart and soul


Oh, and we had fireworks like crazy all along the Connecticut shoreline and across the sound in Long Island

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Why have the preseason games?
You know the answer:

alright, i cannot tell you, you are wrong. ALL of thee NFL thrives/feeds off money that’s no secret. waht I like is the newblood players/NEW guys gets extra PT.
at times , they may get to play with a few of our vets. but it’s like great experience for those new guys that get to play at all, it’s beneficial TO THEM , IMO? It makes them hungrier for MORE.

and hometown friends , neighbors , and family get to see X guy they know personally play even if it’s Pre Season.

with fewer PS games period ! I think it’s going to be interesting more, WHO gets that shot?

2 preseason games and bigger practice squads = a good long term solution.

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