Ok sometimes I think I have to be DR Frankenstein here

The threads are getting saggy, old , and lumpy-like me , but hey I’m just now 49.
anyhoo I think when threads around here get to be a snooze fest I got to scream at yall to really dig for all you got JUST so we can reach the dang Preseason.
week computer GIF
eseason and ay yikes it’z JUNE folks ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

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Theres not much to talk about.

somehow we pulled through in prior years and you guys have forgotten more about football than I know and are too good to say well that’s it …it’s crickets for three months.

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my cat has dandruff

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Is your cat a Lion?

he thinks he is


That’s a good thing: no off season stupidity so far!

They even allowed Lions employees to use the Wendy’s drive thru again! :crazy_face:

hey the gots them Strawberry thing , I’ll be getting one soon

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that about sum’s it up till trainning camp

It’s the offseason. It’s June. Could go over to the pistons thread and chat their draft……but it’s dead right now for a reason. I check out completely from now until august the preseason games start and even then I’m bored and just wanna see the real season start.

man I haven’t watched Basketball in 25 years , I don’t ever follow Basketball or Baseball. why would I care who The Pistons draft?

don’t they all.