Ok wtf is happening with Stafford?

Closest to he’s come to not playing?

Pain got worse as the week went on?

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Back pain sucks. Could be just sleeping weird threw something out. Hopefully it loosens up for him on gamedays


Michael Lombardi said his back wasn’t right…

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This cat goes down, we’re in big trouble.


FYI - He’s playing.

Yeah, he had broken bones last year.

Broken bones … in his back?

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Well, shit.

That isn’t good.

I often wonder how much of a beating he’s going to want to take with twins and a wife who is still learning to walk after brain surgery. I wouldn’t blame him.

But the fan in me would weep.


I guess it’s wait and see at game time.

Getting old sucks


And according to my Yahoo Fantasy Football advice, Stafford has the 2nd lowest passer rating in the redzone (85.6) among starting QBs since 2017, and the Chiefs have the 2nd lowest QB rating in the redzone against them (75.4) in that same time period.

I think this back trouble could possibly be career ending.

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NFL players’ bodies are destroyed by the time they are 30. I’m glad I sucked at football. Taking care of your body is worth every second that you put into it.

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Think of the alternative

Getting younger?

Dirt nap?

Contract to Mia?

Stafford looks to play, but this “is the closest he’s come to not playing.”

That says a lot considering no matter where you are on his ability, NOBODY can deny his toughness.


Here’s to the OL giving him clean pockets and keeping him upright. We can’t afford another roughing the passer non call this game. Stafford’s already seen too many of those in his career.

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We have a winner