Okudah listed as breakout candidate in 2021

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I have to say that with the euphoria surrounding the staff hires, the draft in general and the DL makeover, I hadn’t ponder Okudah much. But there’s every reason to believe he’ll make a quantum leap forward this year. With a season and full camp experience, with his lingering college injury healed, and with Glenn in particular guiding him, he’ll “surprise” this year compared to last. I wanna believe.


Im not as optimistic about Okudah, but my fingers are crossed.

So are my eyes


My candidate for 2021s Breakoout Player is

DeShawn Watson.


Every generation needs a good breakout story


My generation’s breakout story


My Generation minus The Who


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Okudah better step up, we need him! Gotta be an impact player being drafted 3rd overall. The good news for him is that he’s got some good coaches now in AG and Pleasant that actually understand secondary play and won’t just play man to man 95% of the snaps.

Okudah and Walker are the keys to our secondary IMO, both have the talent to be good players. If they step up, the defense might show a big improvement because we do have a much stronger D-line. AG has already said he’s looking to get after QB’s, so I’m expecting the DB’s to have more chances to be playmakers in this scheme.

Nothing more painful than watching Patricia rush 3 guys and expect his DB’s to cover man to man for 7 seconds, while the QB has a picnic in the pocket. Start smashing QB’s consistently and all of sudden those DB’s will look much better.

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