Okudah to Okada, what a wonderful phrase

Great story.

Walked on at MONTANA STATE. Not like one of those fake walk-on stories at Ohio State because the dude didn’t want to attend Eastern Michigan.

Considered a day 3 prospect, which means he has Holmes written all over him …


Bozeman is a neat town

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That’ll be an easy jersey to find on discount prices.

Alas, like most of the small-school day 3 guys this year, he’s old af. Started college in 2017. Don’t have an exact age but somewhere in that 24-25 range probably. Doesn’t matter as much with a late round pick (like Lucas last year) but you’d like for him to hit the ground running. Especially given Brad’s success with day 3 picks.



I like the shift to Lion King african songs, because for 60 years, Lions fans have been forced into

Hasa Diga Eebowai

musical theatre broadway GIF by London Theatre Direct

Maybe an immediate special teams contributor

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That just says maturity, experience, and strength, to me.