Okudah will wear different number

Hopefully, it will bring him better luck / play

Not only will Okudah have a new number, he entered the witness protection program for a totally fresh start…


23, 26, 27, 28 and 29 are all available.

He was always going to be a bust wearing #30. No good CB would wear that. Now he has a chance at success! I think 28 would be good.

This hasn’t aged well…at least not yet.

If only a change of numbers could make a player not suck.

People forgot about this. 29 would look good on him again.


If only he could play against Big Ten WRs and QBs again.


I still think Okudah is going to be a consistent Pro Bowl CB. He’s just missing a little confidence…a little swagger.

  • The kid enters the NFL during a pandemic
  • Injuries his hamstring in training camp which delays his progress
  • Matt Patricia was a terrible morale builder and Okudah wasn’t in the best environment for growth as a rookie. Every player suffered under the previous Head Coach.
  • Welcome to the NFL rookie! First two games are against Devante Adams and Deandre Hopkins. Not a good way to build confidence facing those two players.

Okudah had an uphill battle all of 2020. Dan Campbell is going to re-ignite some of that flame that burned out last year for Jeff. Then you bring in Aaron Glenn and his success with some other talented Buckeye CB’s down in New Orleans, and this turns into a tremendous environment for the 2nd year CB.

I’m pretty pumped about watching #23 play this year…or #26…or #28…whatever number it is…it’s going to be a great player wearing it!


Yep. And have Chase Young giving those Big Ten QBs about a second to get rid of the ball.

Genius BQ ignored all of this.

But a number change should help.

So now I’ll have visions of James Jones when Jamaal Williams runs the ball.

Any oldtimers remember him? Almost a fullback build but a versatile, nice back. Wore #30.


Part of the James Gang.

I was a devout Broncos fan at the time, but I do remember seeing them on the days I did watch the Lions.

But they got to see Okudah up close and personal vs Quintez Cephus…

Right, the guy the Lions passed over Jim Kelly and Dan Marino for.

I’m betting he’s the last FB taken in the top half of Round 1 since then.

What about Touchdown Tommy Vardell?

Well, that’s two grossly overdrafted players at FB.

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He has elite traits. Those can be developed, unlike a Tavai. Dion Sanders would have looked like Colonel Sanders in the Patricia Defense of cover forever man to man for 10 seconds due to no pass rush.


Yep. The guy that kept Barry at 99 rushing TDs.

Derrick Moore had a role in that too during the 1994 season: