OLB/DE Jessie Lemonier

I think he just signed with Lions he was released by chargers
Height: 6’2
Weight: 245

Is he going to PS or our 53 and bumping Kennedy to the PS?

going to PS

agent David Canter tweeted Wednesday that linebacker Jessie Lemonier signed with the Lions practice squad.

less than impressive pre draft write ups. clearly Lynn had eyes on him a bit but I’m scratching my head a bit.

Did he used to play for the 9ers?

Never mind i’m thinking of Corey Lemonier.

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Well, they announced 15 hitting the PS today.
Another agent has the QB Zylstra coming here.
Now we have this agent and Lemonier.
Is the limit 16 or 18? If it’s 18, there’s 1 more to land. If it’s 16, somebody’s getting some very bad news soon, LOL.

Zylstra is a TE Limit is 16 But i expect 3 going on the 3 game IR tomorrow an Fells an the Safety resigned

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Jessie is his younger bro.

He had 20.5 sacks and 29 TFLs in 2 years at Liberty.
Had a sack of Trey Lance in week 2 of preseason.
The sack is at 2:35 mark of video below.

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You’re right. I confused him with Montez.

But that brings us up to 3 players rumored to be headed to our PS. (Montez, Lemonier and Zylstra)

Add them to the 15 we signed and you’re at 18 players on the PS.

Maybe we’re looking at 4 players hitting IR? You’re 2 over on the PS and you temporarily released 2 vets (Marlowe and Fells) to make room for waiver claims.

Boyle, Hand…

Zylstra along with Fell an S to main roster I think Williams the WR could go on the IR also with Boyle an Hand
That leaves only one change on PS if other two are added
We may release the kicker at least for first game.
There will be a lot more plus an minus to both roster an PS mainly PS

As a side I wasn’t that impressed with trey lance, but again it’s preseason.

But just based off that video that guy is gonna be a bust :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: