Oliver or Greedy may be our choice at #8

I am somewhat on the fence with this decision. I doubt any of the other top def players fall to us so who do you choose. Oliver may be the BPA at 8 but Greedy is a bigger need. I’ll go with BPA every time no matter what especially if no trade downs are available. Lets not screw up again when we didn’t select Donald since we didn’t have the greatest need at the time. Oliver at 280 lbs may be a hybrid line player that can move around the line and cause the opposing OL fits.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuRdEtVK7aI

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I don’t like either of the players @ 8… Oliver is a poor scheme fit for us and I’m completely against drafting CBs that early.

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Since i think CB will be addressed before the draft, i would go with the “freak” Oliver, i think he can play in any scheme. Now, if we dont address CB before the draft, i’d lean more towards Greedy, but i dont believe that Quinn will back himself into that corner (picking a player for need @8).

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This, exactly.

So would you guys rather have a freak like Oliver or a freak like Gary?

Do you guys feel like Aaron Donald would’ve been a poor scheme fit for some type of defense? Not Aaron Donald now, but Donald coming out of college.
I love Oliver. IMO, he can be the type of player who makes a scheme.

FA will play a huge role in this pick. I would love to see us move down. I think if we wanted CB we still get him moving back. Easier said than done tho

My opinion Greedy wont get drafted till late 1st at earliest, i just dont see it with him

If, if, if…Greedy is on par with guys like Patrick Peterson, Dion Sanders, or Jalen Ramsey when they were drafted then yeah, he is in the conversation @ #8 OA…if he doesnt compare favorably, then Im going DL or MLB.

Greedy or Hockenson #8?

A more difficult choice. I just love the production that Oliver has displayed since walking onto campus a couple of years ago.

Gary is a great talent that may blossom in the NFL, kinda like Hand last season, but his production never seemed to match his talent in college and that gives be some pause.

I think Oliver is more scheme and position diverse than Gary. I see Gary at DE and probably some DT, while i think Oliver has the ability to play all DL positions as well as some at LB.

Oliver reminds me of a more versatile John Randle.

As of right now, Im still leaning Oliver, although I think Gary will be a good pro as well.

There’s a current mock that has Greedy going at 7oa.
We’ll see. I wouldn’t bet either way.

I really can’t wait for the Combine.

You’ve been pushing for a CB in the first rd. regularly over the past few years, i think there’s a pretty good chance of your wish coming true this year, Ron.

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We have a great backfield with one glaring hole…big enough to drive a truck through.
It took us a very long time to get all the other pieces, and we won’t be able to afford it in a couple years.
If we put a “Cornerback” opposite Slay, watch the sack count go through the roof, even without Ziggy.
On the other hand, if we get a DE, and keep a Safety opposite Slay, watch the trucks roll.
While looking for individual greatness, and the desire to have “super stars”, I think we lose sight of the fact that football is a team sport, that it is schemed best around a team effort, rather than schemed around individuals.

Yup, which is why Patricia values those CBs with the very good man coverage skills so much.

I’m not against taking a CB in the first. But simply putting a good CB doesn’t automatically mean the D becomes great. Same as getting a good de/Dt. We could get a lock down corner in the draft, but see Slay get injured and the safeties fall off a cliff.
If the team feels Greedy is the best chance at a quality player for at least 5 years, then take him. I’ve been enthralled for Oliver for 3 years, and can’t believe he’a a type of player who could fall out of the top 5. Good debate.
I’m probably becoming “old school” in my draft beliefs, and I should think about shifting, but I hate the idea of drafting positions. Draft players.

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Takes a while for CBs to get it, though. DEs start the pressure pretty early.

I’m with you on superstars. I’d rather have good and deep than top heavy and skinny on depth. Having Suh, CJ and Stafford all on the payroll (and hogging over 25% of the cap) was killing us. I’d argue Suh was killing us the least due to his high energy and higher than average number of snaps, but he would have been better value if we hadn’t kept playing games with his contracts.

Suh brought the attitude that a great defense needs, IMO. It’s a “Mean Joe Green”…Deacon Jones kinda tude.

Yes sir. I agree.

When other teams cried about his dirty play, all I could think about was them trying to get him out of the game some way since they couldn’t handle his game.

And he was peaking in 2013-2014. Too bad we didn’t pair him with Donald back then. It would have been glorious.

With Greedy much will depend on the combine. If he crushes it he’s a top ten pick for sure.

If he pulls a Teez Tabor he’s going to drop to late first, early second

My happiest scenario conti ues to be Flowers and a CB in FA, then White and Irv Smith in the draft, with rds 3 and 4 filling depth on OL and add a slot WR, and enough FA money left to bargain shop like we didnwith Okwara and Harold, who we should retain.