Anyone watching?

Someone explain to me why curling is worth watching…

Otherwise – HOCKEY!

Just try turning it off.

I have no explanation why, but if it’s on for more than a minute or two, I can’t not watch it. I’ve had many others convey the same experience.

BTW, it’s pretty fun if you ever get the chance to do it.

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The trick is you have to watch it with a plate of poutine and a 6 pack of Molson Canadians. Then, it will all make sense.


France Fun GIF by PoutineBros


You are supposed to have a beer at each end.

That’s how you curl.

I enjoy watching curling because it’s a chess match….and because my family has a history of it….it’s not exciting, but it’s a good sport to lie on the sofa and nap to….

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Nope. I haven’t watched even so much as a highlight. I could care less. IMO they need to scrap the whole thing and reboot with something new.

World Cup on the other hand…

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Normally I would enjoy watching Olympic hockey, but none of the NHL players are playing, so it’s basically a bunch of dudes who couldn’t make the NHL playing for the meaningless medals.

As far as curling goes, gotta be drinking heavily to enjoy it and even then it still sucks, lol

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It was always a drunk game in the U.P.

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Ha it’s funny you mentioned this. I was having a beer in a sports bar with friends and this was on. I asked the question how it is an Olympic sport. It’s so simple and boring. It’s got to be the worst ratings of any Olympic sport. But then someone at another table spoke up and said that it’s huge in Canada. That it takes a ton of physical skill and athleticism.

I don’t see it.

I don’t want to make this too political but

Fuck China.


I met some friends in CA a number of years ago during another winter Olympics. Yeah, of course, the conversation turned to curling, LOL. Buddy says he was just at home watching it, yelling “CLEAN! CLEAN!” at the TV. He doesn’t know why, it just happened. :rofl: :rofl:

Nope. Its about as exciting as watching Golf if you ask me. Sorry to all golf lover, but I really don’t see the difference except they both look easy but both are actually very hard.

I love watching curling. It is like so relaxing that you can take a nap, wake up, and be right back into it. Kinda like baseball.

Curling and One Day cricket matches, 2 things I learned to watch when I was stationed in England. It makes no sense why I enjoy watching them, but I do.

I wonder how good some of these guys would be if they had to blow first?

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After a few beers, it becomes very hard to stand up on the ice and this becomes a regular experience.