Once again, triggered by PFT Florio (Fields to Det)

Florio is 100% convinced the Lions are taking Fields. Literally said it IS happening, if Fields is still there.

First he made fun of Spielman’s title, saying he was assistant to the traveling equipment manager or something, then said he was an alpha, that he has a lot of juice, and that his OSU connections are too strong to pass on Fields.

This take needs to be revisited on draft day.

Also, Simms basically staked his career on Mac Jones to SanFran.

Mike Florio is the pinnacle of journalistic integrity, I find his articles to be very insightful with a deep understanding on the game of football. When I think of the most respected “sports journalist” in the business, Florio is at the top.

(…just lobbing a softball up if anyone wants to take a swing…wink, wink to the Master of the Den)


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Kinda surprised that Nate didn’t give you a lifetime ban for that insight…


Not a Florio fan, but I mean why would it not happen if Fields is there?

Its not like he is making some crazy stretch here.

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I think Fields is worth more in a trade down once he isn’t available to draft. We should have taken Tua last year, we still could have gotten Okudah and more.

I don’t think it’s a CRAZY stretch either, but he’s saying it’s a done deal.

I find it annoying he has two Lions takes … first he says something stupid about kneecaps, and then bitches about Spielman being in the front office. Not one word about our coaching hires. Then he’ll spend 45 minutes on how amazing the Jets off-season has been.

The guy talks the NFL for a living, and he can’t get past kneecap and Spielman. Maybe, maaayyybe, he’ll mention how LA had to give us a 1st and a 3rd to take on the shitty, awful contract of reject QB Jared Goof.

Florios reaching new levels of douchery on a daily basis.


I’d rather listen to Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayliss talk football than Florio.

Ponder that for a moment.


We definitely get ignored a lot. Markets like LA get the media attention and the calls by the officials.

Hypothetical: Could you draft fields with the intent to trade after the draft for other players and/or future draft capital?

Basically calling the bluff of all those teams that wants a QB and are rolling the dice hoping a good QB drops to them?

It’s kind of cornering the market on QBs and arbitraging for more assets.

Until teams realize they have the Lions over a barrel because they’re “stuck” with at least one QB that they don’t want as the draft chugs along.

If Fields is available at #7, I think his market value is what it is… regardless of making the pick and then trading or trading the pick.

I think this will quickly become a moot discussion anyways. I suspect that SF, ATL, or whatever team ATL trades with will have already selected Fields.


That’s pretty low.

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OMG. I can’t even imagine HSV’s reaction if that actually happened - if we actually drafted his guy and then traded him away. It might involve multiple ambulances :sweat_smile:

I would literally switch fandoms if this team drafted a QB and then traded him before the season starts. You do realize how silly that is right?

Now if we do draft Fields and Goff just beats him out next camp (2022-23), and we trade Fields, then I wouldn’t mind nearly as much.

If the former happens, I want @sin2au to give us the medical report again. That was hilarious last time.

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Hey don’t shoot the messenger, man. I wasn’t the one who suggested it. I just see how bad you want the guy and I can only imagine the roller coaster you’d be on if they drafted him and then shipped him off to NE or something

how is it this guy is SO sure Fields is coming to Detroit !?

Maybe HSV tipped him off?

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What if they trade him within two hours of picking him?

Thinking someone wanting a qb, left without a chair when the music stops,throws a stupid good offer at the Lions.