Once again, we are fine

Far too many injuries guys, it is a miracle we could even compete. This just betters our top draft pick. We only have 1 of 4 players the rebuild was based on laying yet.

Missing Cominsky was MASSIVE. we will spend the rest of this season getting healthy. Believe me, when we are picking high in the draft and get an absolute MONSTER with the pick these losses will be a good thing.

I’d say we are right on schedule to win the div next year and several more years in a row.

As I said last week, the losses hurt while watching them, but they mean nothing this season. So get mad, spout your anger, get vicious, but try to look at it from above. We are building team character fighting against bad adversity and getting a better and better top pick with each one. The real rebuild begins next season, that is when we will have our ammo actually on the field. So just hang tough.


Lol sorry bro but you are delusional. Players can’t keep losing and be ok with it. If the lions pick in the top 5, they lose the locker room. Players don’t buy in to losers.



The Lions have a bottom 3 roster, have no QB of the future, and the coach is one of the worst game managers we have seen. We are long past the point of moral victories. They mean nothing.

I’m starting to think Goff is the QB of the future. Not his fault this defense is the worst ever


This is the worst Lions defense I’ve ever seen.

Worse than Patricia.

Worse than Marinelli’s 0-16 defense.

We are absolutely not fine.



How many of the losses this season do you put on Goff?


None. But he’s still a bottom 10 starter. This team has many problems… but Goff really isn’t good either.

Injuries aside, this D is better than last year.

Once again, we are irrelevant.

Not even worth ticker time on CBS showing the final score.

A chicane on most team’s schedules.

He’s certainly adequate. Draft capital and free agent money would be put to better use on defense.

sorry man, i don’t mute a lot of people, but i can’t take these stupid takes after every game. this team isn’t fine. it’s 1-3 with a defense that is somehow worse than matt patricias


It is worse at this point.


I appreciate your satire, but you wrote it so well that I thought you were serious at first.

We have the absolute worst defense in football (35.25 pts against per game) and are competing with our other historically bad defenses for the most points surrendered in a season.

Btw, our O is averaging exactly 35 pts a game and still has only 1 win.

If you can’t blame the QB for any losses, why is it your priority to fix the QB position? Yeah, he’s not Brady. He’s not even Stafford. But I don’t see why you’d use money or magic beans for an upgrade for one of the things that’s actually work.

You need to find a franchise QB to win you games. You keep rolling the dice until you find that player. The Lions haven’t committed any resources to the QB position in the last decade+.

Yeah grown men won’t be up for doing up downs year 3 of training camp if coming off of two bad years of losing


I don’t think there’s much point in re-hashing twelve years of Stafford debates, but the dude just won the Super Bowl. How much should the Lions have spent over the past decade trying to get someone better?

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Lol. Lions fans deserve what they get sometimes. Seriously. Most important position in pro sports and you don’t want to commit any resources to the position. Come draft time you will probably be pounding the table for another first round TE.

Have a good one

There’s no way the OP isn’t just someone’s alternate board name just trying to stir the pot.

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