One Day With Jack Fox

If you could spend one day with Jack Fox…what would you want to do?

  • Make a hit list of everyone who ever wronged you and avenge
  • Go fishing and talk general football
  • Listen to stories of times when he has left people paralyzed with fear
  • Try to get draft knowledge from him
  • Acquire the secrets of his workout and nutrition regimen
  • Try to steal some of his DNA for Brad Holmes to clone him several times (look out for the Lions in 20 years)
  • Other (specify)

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Cloning for sure!!

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If I acquire his workout and nutrition secrets, then I can gain all the power I need to crush my enemies on my own. That way I won’t have to distract Fox from his important work of crushing our enemies on the field.


And think of the boost in handsome levels as a side effect. Good for you, man!


2 decades of SBs…it’ll take a while to get there, but oooohhh, boy. Make Tom Brady look like Tinkerbell, when it all comes to fruition.


I would introduce him to my daughters and let nature take it’s course.


Love that…Laughing my ass off. I don’t have any offspring.

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I could see Natty hosting this dating reality show with Fox as the bachelor of course.

Will you accept this rose!?

Decision Choices GIF by The Bachelor


LOL - If Fox is the Bachelor, every NFL GM are the ones courting him.

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I would have Mule snap to Fox 100 times.

My theory is that this would open a Stargate that would allow me to collect all of the Infinity Stones and Spice.


Hit list for me

Jack Fox Crane style kicks would be a joy on some bastards that have betrayed me.

“Straight to the moon Alice!”

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Fantastic! LOL.

Woooord! That was my vote too.

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Jack Fox is the new Chuck Norris.


Chuck Norris looks under his bed at night to make sure Jack Fox isn’t there.



Loved that. Norris needs to realize that he and Fox are on the same side…as long as he stays in line. :wink:

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