One knock on Holmes

I did not like the picks of Paschal, Campbell and Martin. I just do the draft as a hobby because that has been our super bowl for as long as i can remember. When I look at these players I realize Brad has more priority on leadership and locker room fit than I do. The rest of the picks I understand.

Yeah not sure about Holmes. Also I think Phil Jackson was too tall and Izzo too short. And Coach K’s head was too round. There you go.

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Coach K is affectionately known as “Rat face” :rofl:

Only one! This board has certainly mellowed.

How is Brad supposed to predict injuries. If you want to blame him for Levi and Josh bc they had been banged up in college, that’s fine. But James Houston’s injury is simply bc football is football.

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If there are only “15-20” DTs better than him…
that makes him a #1 DT on almost half of the league. :hushed:

Also… he was a 3rd round pick…

what are the expectations of a 3rd round pick??? :thinking:

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There are actually two knocks on Brad Holmes. Apparently they are…

“Knock, knock?”

“Who’s there?”

“Brad Holmes.”

“Go the F$ck away and fix our pass rush and secondary, Brad!”

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He well exceeds a 3rd round expectation by far. It doesn’t change we need help next to him and on the outside. We didn’t do much to try and get it. We relied on what we had.

Philly went and got Reddick, then J Davis, then J Carter, then Nolan Smith-

They lost Ceedy- and realized it a few weeks in and went and got Byard.

T Edmunds was a liability and they fixed it to avoid bringing a wart into the playoffs.

I dislike when when people minimize good things to make their point. Holmes was gifted hutch…still got draft him. And clearly one gm screwed up the chance…so give ghe man his flowes for not getting cute.

I dont get the houston injury critique either.

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