One line that sums up the 2018 Lions

From a friend of mine: “it’s not even a fun kind of heartbreak anymore.”

They’re no longer our lovable losers.



This is a very true statement. For the first time since maybe the 2009 season, I just watched the last two games. I wasn’t really into them, didn’t get excited for touchdowns, big plays, nothing. I just watched. I’ll keep watching games, but it’s not the same. Even in the 15’ season I loved going into Lambeau and winning, the fun tday game vs the Eagles, and I even still got my heart broke by Rodgers that following Thursday night. I still cared even after the bad start to that season. Patricia and this staff have sucked the football life out of me this season because it feels different. I don’t think he has it as a head coach.

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Here’s my one line, or rather one question: " How much longer do I have to wait for the Lions to become an SB contender? "

It’s been a long time, and I’m not too thrilled with the current trend.

I always wonder whether it’ll happen before I die. I mean, I personally knew several people who openly questioned the same thing. Meanwhile, my son the Eagles fan …

I’m still in Montana for a job. I went to the sports bar as per usual and even met a couple more Lions fans this week.

I left after the first two drives. If they aren’t going to put a quality product on the field I don’t feel inclined to watch.

I went home and made chicken stew and kind of half paid attention to a Reddit stream

We are only 60% to the Chicago Cubs drought.

Buck up! Plenty more Tomfuckery to come!

I for one will likely be 73% cyborg by the time they win a Super Bowl. I will likely be their actual cornerback at that point, after some illegal nanotech and AI upgrades acquired in a dirty lab deep in China.

Basically I’ll be a fusion of Cable, Chev Chelios and Deion Sanders.

We’ve gone from dissapionted fans to tired fans.

For me?

  • I’ve been sleeping in.

  • Thank God for hockey.

  • (Yes, even bad hockey – Go Knights Go.)

  • Sit up and have a little respect for the process. (Commanded the guy who wears a garbage bag on the sideline of a billion dollar football team every gameday.)

Ok, I can’t handle anymore …

Who’s that Bill Belichick?

Pre-Season Games Don’t Matter!

Oh, wait.

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Funny …

Last Sunday took my girls to play tennis match play in Novi
They had a couple tv screens so I peeked in a couple times
First peak was Lions. 1st and 5 after a Chicago penalty
I walked out

Second peak I walk in and see (I think) 26-0 or whatever it was
I laughed and walked out
Some guy was sitting there, expressionless…

Gotten pathetic

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I agree. I’ve had season tickets since 1999 and there have been some pretty bad teams in that span. This is the first time I’ve seriously considered not renewing my tickets. This team is hot garbage, players don’t care, and there’s no end in sight.

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2014 suckered me into season tickets. I think I have one more season like this before I bail. I can’t even imagine having season tickets as long as you have and sticking it through, without them being some sort of business write-off, lol.

So I guess my one liner is a classic:

There’s always next year.


I have become, comfortably numb…

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Hey Ford’s we don’t pay season tickets or buy your merchandise for a garbage product…the way I see it is you OWE Lions fans for spending unending amounts of money on a team that hasn’t won jack in 50 years !!! # how about hiring known , experienced, proven winners to lead The Detroit Lions?"

Dumpster fire…that’s all I got.

How about one more, speaking of comfortably numb:

“Thank God its legalized.”


You are on to something. Michigan legalizes hemp, blames Lions…

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[quote=“goldenlions, post:13, topic:313, full:true”]

I’ve been a season ticket holder for a long time. 2008 was bad both for the Lions and business. The economic down turn and the Lions losing made for one depressing year. I stressed my relationships with customers, friends and family. I somehow struggled through 6 home games that year. I could not give-a-way the other two games that we didn’t attend. I almost didn’t renew my tickets after that year. The financial losses and my sanity told me not too so I didn’t. Then we drafted Stafford and I had some hope. I called my ticket rep and surprisingly my seats were still available. Along with a few areas we wanted to upgrade to in the past. So I upgraded… lol … Then a few years later I upgraded from 2 seats to 4. My wife and daughter love to go to the games. It’s a family activity that we all love. We are friends with most of the ticket holders near me. We do two road games a year too … lol

For some reason I just cannot imagine us not going.

Sometimes I think there’s something seriously wrong with us.

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Ya know … a thought just came to mind… I wonder if Rod Wood will have the balls to raise tickets prices again this year?

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