One team

One team drafted a QB for the future

One team drafted a CB to win now

One team is winning now

One team is not

One team has the #1 rated QB in the league

One team has the 19th rated QB in the league

One team consistently wins the divison

One team never wins the division

One team plans for the future

One team, we’re told, can’t find a better QB

Who are these teams? Is this a joke?

It’s all because of the refs.
The owners suck
There has never been any good players on one team
The fans don’t appreciate what they have…

LOL - my brain saw like 500 ways to go, with this one. I’ll just stay away.


Fixed it for ya Vascular…

It used to be a threat to a player that you would ship them off to one of those teams. Now the other team is the butt of those jokes.

Packers must have an afternoon game, considering their fans are here trolling the board.

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This thread is the joke. Keep doubling down on the insanity.

:roll_eyes: ya’ll are cute together.:heart_eyes:

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Insanity? This thread is straight up facts…I have no time for you when you can’t acknowledge straight facts

Lol, trust me when I tell you that it doesn’t impact me in the slightest. When you start talking about the real facts then perhaps you will be taken seriously.

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hahaha - which is why you post and respond back - which “takes time” … hypocrite and ass but hey… if this is only way you can feel love and companionship in your empty life… please continue brother!

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Truth is everybody survived except us . Buffalo , browns and cardinals all once said will never be good

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