One thing about Brad Homes Drafts

Of all the Lions GMs in the last decade he is probably the most difficult for me to guess or do a mock draft for. With Quin and Mayhew you could read between the lines a little bit. This year the only thing I really am convinced of is they will go defense at 6. After that it could be offensive, defense, BPA , depth player, who knows. Its a good thing to have a GM that can keep you guessing It gives me even more reason to believe in this front office.



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I agree, but he has only had two drafts. After a couple more years he may be more predictable after we can analyze his tendencies more closely


You’re convinced of more than I am. Absolutely nothing will surprise me…except maybe a TE.


Or kicker, punter, long snapper, or return man

BQ did a crappy job of hiding what he was doing.

Mayhew we started to develop trends.

We’re seeing trends in Holmes too.

But I think this year could surprise a lot of folks depending on how FA goes.

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Yeah, I agree with that.
Alot of mocks have us making the first “non-sexy” pick of a CB. After the two blue chip defensive players and three QB’s.
If it were Quinn, I’d say Gonzalez or Spoon is ours, ho-hum, and there’s no chance of a trade-down (similar to Okudah).
I feel that a TD is alot more possible with Brad.