One thing no one is talking about…

Swagger. We absolutely lacked swagger on the field today. From the opening drive we were timid and sheepish. No celebration, no oomph, no confidence, no swagger after making good plays (even though they were far and in-between). No one in anyones face after making a good play or bad play.

All those false starts and penalties.

It was like we were still demoralized from last week. Hopefully they get it together after the bye week because man…


Swagger gets you a 15 yard penalty and 13,000 dollar fine.



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Mel tucker has swagger. Doesn’t do much


I hate all that shit. There’s too much flexing, posing, puffing and celebrating after common plays. They act like no one’s ever gotten a first down before. Or caught a pass or scored a touchdown. They look like clowns when they do that. Now there’s nothing wrong with some high fives, fist bumps or even some ass slappin. Could be I’m just getting old and crotchety, too. Great players used to be humble and had class. They let their play speak for them not some post play theatrics.

Offense is first in yardage, first in scoring with amazing balance as we are sixth in rush in and passing.

All is not lost if we can reconfigure as a bend don’t break defense thet is merely bad as opposed to historically bad.


Its fine if you’re balling out and dominating, totally different thing when you’re losing…

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Nobody on that defense deserves to show any swagger at this point.

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Exactly this. If we can find a pulse on defense during the bye week there are still many games we can win left on our schedule. The bears, giants, jets, Patriots and panthers are all games we can win with our offense.

That’s because all our swagger is standing on the sidelines in street clothes, in the training room, or at home watching tv with a beer and an Ice pack.


Yeah but my point is that they were playing with that kind of energy for the first few games. This is the first one where it looked like they were hungover or something. At home too