One thing Quinn did right--draft C Frank Ragnow & Holmes picks up 5th yr option

The Bengals, who also wanted a C and were going to pick Ragnow with the very next pick at No. 21 overall, just announced:

Adam Schefter


Bengals are not picking up the fifth-year option on the contract of 2018 first-round draft pick Billy Price, per source. Price now is slated to become a free agent after this season.

I’m old enough to remember when the Bengals and Lions were picking 20 and 21.


I think he did very well with Decker, Ragnow, and Jonah Jackson actually. Crosby wasn’t bad at all either for a 5th rounder.

To me, I think the 2nd day is where you can really build a team and we are historically very bad at those rounds.



He actually drafted OL pretty well IMO.

Maybe we should have kept him on as a special assistant to the GM in charge of OL drafting :smiling_imp:


He drafted Glasgow as well. He was sneaky good at picking o-linemen.


He did ok with mid-late receivers, too.

He’s still trash

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Agree on his drafting of Olineman. He was also good at drafting…(checks notes)…coughs…um…(checks notes again)…um…

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Agreed. I am happy with all 3 of those guys. Great picks. And Glasgow. That’s a solid front.

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Teez Tabor over Alvin Kamara

Jarrad Davis over TJ Watt

TJ Hockenson over Nos. 20 (Noah Fant), 52, and a 2020 3rd Rd pick

The Lions are full of NFL superstars!

I actually don’t think he was bad. He was actually decent at drafting and even some free agent moves he made were pretty good, relatively speaking. I honestly think Patricia was just THAT bad at coaching. He meddled and got Quinn to make some moves I’m not sure Quinn would have made under a different coach, but then Patricia went out and underachieved with the team he was given.

I did think he put way too much draft capital into lower valued positions though.

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I wanted TJ Watt so bad and so many people on the board at the time kept insisting he wouldn’t work because he “wouldn’t fit the scheme.”


100 percent agree with you. Our drafting could have definitely been a lot worse. Patricia was a horrid coach.

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You know when Spielman say “you can’t buy a lockerroom”?

I think that was identified as one of the Quinntricia’s regime’s major problems.

Overpaying for Amendola, Flowers, and arguably Jamie Collins.

Choosing LeGarrette Blount over Frank Gore who would have cost the same or less money and been far more productive.

Additionally, not paying the hometown guy and choosing Vaitai over Glasgow.

None of that really worked out particularly well.

Ian Rapoport


The #Lions have picked up the fifth-year option for center Frank Ragnow, source said. Another obvious move.

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Noah Fant got benched his senior year at IOWA for dropping balls, something he brought to Denver. We got the best IOWA TE in that draft.

Ok, my point was that the Lions could’ve had done a lot more with three picks than take a TE at No. 7 overall. In other words, my complaint is about taking the position, not necessarily the player.

Start preparing for the future without Amendola, Golladay, and Jones.

At No. 20, take WR Marquise Brown instead. Or, maybe at No. 52, the Lions address the WR position with Parris Campbell or DK Metcalf.

Maybe they keep Logan Thomas and add Irv Smith, Foster Moreau, or Jace Sternberger.

There’s a reason Quinn is unemployed and taking at TE at No. 7 certainly didn’t help.

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I forgot. What was that scheme again?

Typical Lion Fans get a All Pro TE an still play what IF game .

I agree about Quinn but he got a solid TE so stop with what IF’s.

Patricia’s infamous “Every player is a road cone” scheme.