One tough SOB

National champion with 2 torn ACL’s.

My brother played a 90 hole guy’s golf weekend on a torn ACL from a few weeks before.

There might have been drinking involved.

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I once bowled a 266 with a torn hangnail.

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I paid for a dr. Pepper and candy bar with a torn bill once! :crazy_face:

You have to be tough to be a wrestler. It was definitely the most challenging and most rewarding sport I’ve participated in.

That’s pretty awesome though.

Lol. That’s hilarious. Seriously, that probably hurt a little if it was his left knee. Eat a steak and rub some dirt on it.

I once did 2 hours worth of shopping with a tear in my left sock.

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It isn’t as tough as it might have been, his pin times have kept him off the mat quite a bit.