One week to go: Share ONE *non* Lions hot take that will happen on draft day

Mine: The first day of the draft ends with the Minnesota Vikings with either Hendon Hooker or Trey Lance behind Cousins.

Maybe it isn’t too radical, but should make the NFC North conversation interesting going forward.

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Will Levis is either drafted by the Colts or he falls into the 20s.


You know, I like cousins but he really is a mid tier kind of dude. If minny would’ve had goff instead last year they probably legit make a super bowl run with those weapons.

I can see the Raiders grabbing him.

Lamar Jackson is traded to the XFL and the Ravens acquire AR15 in the draft.

The most talented players always get drafted higher than what the mocks lead us to believe. I’ve seen some mocks the last few weeks having Bijan going at the end of round 1, like number 29th overall… no way. The dude is simply an elite offensive weapon. Look at what the 49ers gave up for McCaffrey, and that’s without a rookie contract attached to him. I think Bijan goes somewhere between 10-15 and people will be surprised - but elite players get selected high. Same thing with Tyree Wilson. I’ve seen mocks with him going 8, 9, 10, 12, etc… no, he’s a top 5 pick. Period. Teams draft the player more than the position once the draft actually starts.

Hot take? There might only be 2 QBs off the board once the Lions pick at #18.

The trade chart equivalent of the 40th overall pick. It’s not nothing, but also it’s not a 1st rounder. Spending a 2nd rounder on an elite RB is fine.

My hot take: Brian Branch doesn’t go in the 1st round.

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You are right, but I think framing here is everything. You’re saying a 2nd rounder is fine… but the 49ers gave up a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th round picks. Essentially almost an entire draft. And his massive contract is also a huge value kill. Acquiring a younger McCaffrey locked in for a fraction of the price for the next half decade is worth a mid-first round pick in my estimation. And I think the NFL will agree. Reasonable minds can absolutely differ on this though and I respect that.

I like your other hot take. Branch feels like he’s slipping to the end of round 1.

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Hot Take…

Seattle will take Jalen Carter. ESPN will then talk about Jalen Carter for 7 minutes, then go to a commercial. Once the commercial break ends, they will show “Lions Pick is In” and announcement will be immediately made. Small conversation on the Lions choice and then another commercial break. 35 years of experience watching drafts, tells me this will for sure happen.


I think Robinson will go in the 1st for sure. I think he could go as high as #8. I just disagree with the rationality behind it, that’s all. I’ve listed my reasoning ad nauseam over the past few months so I won’t get into it, but to me even a generational RB isn’t worth it.

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Absolutely, literally zero of us need another Bijan debate lol. I’m just saying in my hot takes - I think he’s not only a first rounder, but a much earlier first rounder than people are assuming. Like top half of round 1. But I’ve seen your points which are reasonable, and why I said reasonable minds can differ on this one. I just think a team is going to see him as a workhorse offensive weapon and he’s gone before the Lions have a chance to take him at 18. Just my take.


And I really hope you’re right lol

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My hot take: 6 qbs are taken in the 1st round.

While I can see Minny wanting that, I can’t see the 49ers.

The only way they would part with him is if they see him as a bust. I wouldn’t want anyone that Shanahan sees as a bust.

There were rumblings in 49er land last off season that Lance was throwing constant picks in practice. They were going to try with him because Shanahan was over Jimmy G.

Purdy feels like a Case Keenum to me. A gamer that will give you his all, but there are severe limitations to his game. Lance’s upside should keep him in California for at least another season.

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Nah they’ll reunite Cousins and Shanahan if they get Lance.

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Dude that is not a hot take, that’s pure facts!


My hot take is more vague, but I am SO confident in saying it…
The Vikings WILL ■■■■ something up, be it a pick or a trade.

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That’s like saying the sky is blue or water is wet @BigNatty


The Panthers realize none of these QBs are worth the #1 overall pick and trade back to take Will Levis, because Frank Reich has always had pocket passers and not running QBs.

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Yep. Ice cold take right there! 30 years in the freezer cold!

You nailed it though @SkyHock

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