Onto the Bears

Well let’s talk about the Bears… enough about the disaster in Carolina. Clearly a must win game @ home for the Lions. We have played pretty darn good football at home most of the year.

The Bears defense is terrible, they can’t stop the run at all. They are giving up 151 yards per game on the ground, which is even worse than the Lions. The key to this game to me is we gotta get the rushing attack going again like we had early in the season. J-Will is clearly banged up, the ankle is hurting now. Time for some fresh legs in Reynolds and maybe even Jemar. Get the running game going and Goff is usually at his best off of play action. Long sustained drives to keep Fields on the sidelines will be important.

Bears offense… it’s a one man show in Fields. The entire game plan needs to be focused on trying to keep him in the pocket. He’s going to get some rushing yards for sure, the key is limiting those. He’s also a turnover waiting to happen. 27 fumbles the past 2 seasons, also 20 ints. Go after the football, get a couple turnovers would be huge. And Fields is apparently banged up pretty good, but he’s going to continue to play, so if he runs, gotta make him pay.

Really need the Ford Field crowd to make a difference too, give the players some juice who came out so flat last week.


If the bears are dumb enough not to shut down fields I say we help them out and make that decision for them. :grin:


The Bears are in super-deep shit!
Curb stomping in T-minus 4 days and counting…

Only thing they have going for them is their cap situation. Hope they “Bear down” and keep doing what they do. Hope they can fight the Pack for the division cellar for the next 10 years.

Thy have cap space, but that ain’t gonna help e’m this Sunday.
Angry lions team coming off the first loss since turkeys were on tables…
Gonna get ugly out there. Truthfully, their best course of action is to forfeit.


I sure hope so, practices better be intense this week after that massive dump we dropped in Carolina.

Last home game of the season, give the fans a show!


It’s on, man! Shit is about to get very, very real.


I think we’ll beat them pretty soundly, especially if Fields is limited. Setting up a huge, hopefully for all the marbles game in GB.


What a difference between 2 coaches!
Jamo taking it VERY slow via Mgmnt.
On the other hand:
Fields said Saturday that he hurt his previously injured non-throwing shoulder and had his foot stepped on late in Chicago’s 35-13 loss to the Bills. The quarterback said postgame that he couldn’t bear full weight on his injured foot but expected to be “good to go.”


NFL Week 16 takeaways: Chargers’ defensive stand, Packers’ big comeback win, Cowboys’ offensive outburst

16hNFL Nation

Regarding his left shoulder, which he injured in Week 11, Fields said doctors and trainers told him it would be a “nagging injury all year” and that he planned to play through it during Chicago’s final two games.

Eberflus reiterated the same Monday.

“He’s good to go,” the Bears coach said. “He’s healthy, he’s ready to go for this week.”

For the players sake, I prefer the route of MCDC!


Practices can’t really be intense because of the cba. They only get 15 padded practices per season. To me that’s crazy. Maybe that’s why so many players are getting injured. You’re playing a violent contact sport but the majority of your practices are walkthroughs.


Funny you say that I think I read somewhere the lions only had one more padded practice left for the season

I agree take care of your players!

Bears have nothing to play for aside from Fields getting playing experience… let the dude’s shoulder heal


I think the reason he’s still playing is the head coach and GM aren’t sure if he is the future or not. They didn’t draft him, that was previous regime.


I think most NFL experts wonder the same thing. Is this turnover machine able to eliminate the TO’s and find a secondary receiver in 2.5 seconds?


And the Bears are pretty close to having the 1st pick in the draft. Texans play the Colts still, if the Texans win that and the Bears lose their next 2, they could be looking at the possibility of drafting Bryce Young 1st overall.


Ahh didn’t think of that, good point.

Still though, if a player is hurt or at risk of hurting himself more, protect him. Regardless if he is their guy or not, you have all off-season and training camp to figure that out. And if you draft a new guy, well hey you got some good trade bait!

Also not saying bench him for the lions sake because we can’t stop a running QB (although yes I did think of that too…) just speaking only from a player safety perspective. I know a separated non throwing shoulder isn’t a huge deal… but I’m sure he’s got other things he’s dinged up with.

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That’s exactly why I want him shut down, lol he killed us with his feet last time, thankfully he tossed Okudah a gift pick 6 or we don’t win that one.

Well I mean let’s be honest, who’s their backup qb? In the grand scheme of lions history I don’t know I want them facing the bears backup either!


Why in the world is the spread on this game 6? I know we are at home, but that’s bananas.

What do you think it should be!? Serious question.

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@stephenboyd57 Probably 3.5. We struggled in the last game, albeit on the road. Struggled vs QB draw for the whatever number time, and running game looked atrocious. And don’t forget our Run D.

To balance that with being at home, Chicago’s horribleness and being on the road.

The only defense I can make to the 6 is the inexplicable reason they had Fields throwing in that weather instead of a million runs. Maybe they are sabotaging themselves.

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Yea, I was thinking 4.5 or so. The Lions should have everything to play for at home and the Bears not much, if anything the Bears might want to lose, they still got a shot at picking 1st overall so I can see how it starts at 6 points. That means we can win and still cover, I’m okay with that, just freaken win! I’m sure the line will change throughout the week a bit.