Let’s go!!!

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…The only thing is, the photos of Kelly’s “Instagram acct” seem FAKE.
I follow her, and there are no such posts…

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Dale, on her Instagram they are posted as a “story”. So you basically click her profile pic and it will scroll through 3 pics. They are there

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You’re CORRECT Iggy!
I just did what you said - and they’re THERE…:scream:

A trade of Stafford would most likely happen at FA. You would have to think if the Lions are going to draft a young QB (especially Tua) you will need to bring in a vet QB as well. Maybe a Josh McCown or Case Keenum.

IF…they were serious about drafting a QB, no way Miami doesn’t jump up to #2; so they COULD have their eye on Justin Herbert - I’m just saying.

Patricia did spend a week around the guy…

Massive head fake?


They might not be receiving offers they like for the #3 pick. This smokescreen could fan the flame for the #2 pick, pushing Young down to us. The fact that Kelly is posting anything remotely accepting of the notion tells me this is a coordinated effort.


Though it’s not gospel, I do question why there’s nothing on Rotoworld about this. They tend to be right on top of this kind of news when it breaks from reliable sources. Clickondetroit is an odd source for breaking sports news. I’m not saying it’s BS, it just seems fishy to me.


So they are willing to take on 32 million in dead cap space???

I smell a smokescreen to drive the price up for the #3 pick


Quinn has responded that this is 100% false. Yet Bernie says sources within the organization have confirmed.

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Tom Brady to the Lions. ha!

Let’s trade for minshew like favre trade

If Kelly stafford tweeted that she is not helping stafford . Don’t be attached to players , they don’t care about leaving lions ,see what slay said , same applies to stafford

I know what Quinn says; he has to say that. I find it interesting that the initial report said it was according to sources close to the Lions AND Stafford.

I still maintain that even if you want to go forward with Tua, it makes sense to keep Stafford through this upcoming season.

It’s interesting that after all the bouquets Kelli Stafford has thrown toward Detroit this season, the moment something like this comes up, her contempt comes shining through in an instant.

She seems to think the city and Lions fans owe them something. A. For what? B. Check your bank account, Honey.

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If true the FO is trying to get an excuse for another season. No Stafford = no playoffs but will have the ‘rookie QB’ excuse.

I may have a tough decision to make. Follow Stafford, follow the Redskins because of our ancestors, follow the Bengals because the in-laws, follow the Titans because of our time in Nashville or switch to college/XFL?

I won’t believe any of it until it happens.


If it’s supposed to be a smokescreen like you say, BQ isn’t doing a very good job.