OPEN OPINIONS on our Draft....have at it

I’ll tell you It went NO WAY like I thought , I thought Sewell would been drafted by The Bungles , I lost BOTH Parsons AND JOK, I did get Amon Ra St Brown who was on my radar…but wanted De Vonta Smith , guess we’ll see what Brown can or can’t do…I was NOT expecting multiple DT’s , never heard of Levi or Mc Neil, So yeah this was wild…I just hope they all kick ass.

and yes, there were other players I would-have liked to have…yet that goes for ANY draft.

My top take away was that we didn’t end up taking a safety. Extremely deep class with many guys sliding into day 3 and we didn’t address it. Definitely my top FA want post draft. But was really looking forward to getting a playmaker back there. Love having a ball hawk playing the position. Guess I have to hope and wait till next year!

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They stuck to their board. Exactly what they said they were going to do. Can’t fault them for that. Will it work out? I guess we’ll find out in 3-4 years.

My main take away is we didn’t reach for players based on need. This draft got us much closer to being a roster that reflects their head coach - mean and nasty.


Agreed with you there, I’m surprised they didn’t take a safety either… however, Holmes did say it’s a deep safety class, so maybe some of those guys who slid into day 3 means some guys are going to be available as UDFA? I guess it depends how he defines “deep.” Will be interesting to see the UDFA group we get

I’m thrilled with our draft so far. I never dreamed that DT would be taken at #41 and 72, but it makes so much sense.


#1 overriding takeaway - Falcons, Bengals, and Dolphins reeeeaaally screwed up by passing on Sewell.
#2 Toughness is what we were after
#3 Holmes is a BPA purist (for sure more than we are used to)
#4 We are building a foundation

  • physically (beef and skill to run our system),
    -psychologically (we’re coming to kick your ass, and you will earn every yard, asa well as every tackle. We are going to attack you…with violent tackles from all 3 levels, as well as forcing you to earn every tackle. Even your DBs will have to fight through blocks much of the time to make a tackle)
    -culturally (High energy, physicality, brotherhood, guts, effort…We are going to do our best to make this thing messy and take you into deep water every game. We will be imposing our will on you, and if you’re not ready for that, you are going to get your ass kicked physically …and as we develop more, on the scoreboard as well)
  • schematically (we’re gonna slam the football up your ass offensively, making you earn every tackle, while attacking you with a relentless defense…we will beat your ass on the LOS)
    #5 We missed on J-Will


Lol I saw quite a few “hey sorry man” posts when J Will got taken… I know you liked him, bummer dude. But hey, there will be another next year!

But agree 100% about how they are building this team. You said it perfectly. Just tough, punch you in the face guys. I love it!

And I would love for us to have a great DL again. Even before Suh, I remember the 99 team I think had James Jones, Porcher, Elliss… they were a pretty good line. And we had it again in the 20teens with Suh, fairley, vanden Bosch…here’s to hoping this is the start of a new Silver Rush!!!


First round next season will be LB and WR if Goff doesn’t completely shit the bed and Lions end up top 3 and QB range.

LOL - you guys were awesome. One dude put up “suicide alert.” I was laughing my ass off. I really didn’t expect to get him, just reeeeeaally hoping. I knew the chances were really hurt, when we didn’t trade down.

Yup - all of our coaches are talking this way…“The league changes over the years, but this is still a man whoop a man type of game”. Loving all of this.

We will have a DL that ranges somewhere from good to great, under this regime.

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I love it, and like you, really bummed we didn’t get Williams. He was such a great fit and if we’re going to pound the rock, and impose our will, he epitomizes that attitude. Him and Swift together would be been soooo fun to watch.

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With this whole BPA thing, and us potentially losing Flowers and Vatai, it could be WR, DE/Edge, LB, or OG

Agreed. Juuust filthy, nasty, dirty stuff to watch. We’d be laughing ass off as our OL manhandles the DL, and LBs and DBs are forced to deal with that big, angry MF’r in a one on one situation with a full head of steam. Hilight reels every week. I was having visions of DBs and LBs wearing down as the game went on, and Swift & J-Will just finishing them Mortal Kombat style.

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Hell yes!!!

LOL, just about brought a tear to my eye!

I really like it.

I was hoping we’d double dip in WR in the 4th but I get the need for an LB given our current talent

The energy behind it is when Rocky Balboa gets up off the canvas, and Apollo thinks he finally has the fight won, and when he sees Rocky he’s shaking his head like “are you serious? Again?” That type of energy. Just keep coming and coming and it gets old and boring and painful, and draining, until all you want is a shower. As they start to tire…there goes Swift for 58 yard TD!

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I truly think WR is going the way of RB… in that you can get them later, or just trade for a really good one when your team is really good.

@LineBusy had a great breakdown in another thread, I forget which one. But it made me think and changed my perspective on building a team.

WR, unless a generational guy like Calvin, can wait til the end. Have a great OL, DL, secondary, and then plug in the rest. As much as we all loved Calvin, he didn’t win us any games in 2008…

We have the makings of a great OL (yeah I guess BQ did a couple things right…) but now Holmes completed it, we have a DL that is going to change a lot even more than it has in the next 1-2 years, but we got our playmakers at TE and RB. Take care of those guys, build up DE, the secondary, LB then WR… I kinda think this is gonna be the plan…

we’ll see if we play mean and nasty like lions or still weak and soft like kitties…