ORLOVSKY: Stafford needs to move on (WOW!)

Coming from HIM??..that’s a HUGE disclosure!!

Yes indeed Dale, coming from Dan-O this carries a little more weight.

I came across this article FWIW.https://www.woodypaige.com/report-detroit-lions-planning-to-move-on-from-matthew-stafford/kevin_kissner/

Sorry if I’m linking incorrectly folks. Not too great at that sort of thing.

Lions could hire Smith

“I also believe that if Arthur Smith, the Titans offensive coordinator, goes somewhere, wherever he goes, I could see Matthew Stafford going,” Orlovsky said.

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Me? A nobody? I think Danny O is just wanting to keep his buddy safe - like not getting disabled safe… nothing more.

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This Stafford talk is going to be annoying all off-season

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No different than any other off-season I guess. Haha

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He’s said that a few times, first time I think was in preseason. He also said that he’s never discussed that stuff with Stafford and is only speculating.

As much as I want him to retire as a Lion, you can’t blame the guy if he’s considering moving on. If he really wants to win, then he’s got to be giving it some serious thought because 12 years on the Lions hasn’t given him that. Heck its not even given him a single top 16 run game to lean on. Why bet on another new regime when he can maybe be the missing piece somewhere else?

No wAY huR DUr orLoSeRSkY dONt KnoW sHit ABouT ELitE QbEeEs!!1!

I don’t know when Stafford will call it, but neither does every other talking head…just more people WANT him to leave…not me , but that is Matt’s decision, not mine. I’m just a Lion’s Fan…

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Well, he did step out of the back of a goddamn end zone


You do know that Orlovsky is more than just a random talking head, and is intimately close to Stafford and his family right?

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He did?! :joy:

I love Stafford but I would LOVE this move.

ok , but I refuse to listen to anyone else BUT Matt Stafford when it comes to moving on.

Where, at any point in his 12 years here, did Stafford speak up about anything?

There is NO WAY he’s going to publicly demand a trade. He’s not wired that way.

So how might he get that message out there? :thinking:

Cue Orlovsky.

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When Matt wants to retire OR move I am certain he will get behind a podium, and say his good-byes…when he does.

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I think any time Orlovsky is talking about any QB on TV, they should just side by side his run out of the back of the endzone on a loop.

His bio on twitter suggests that end zones should be 11 yards deep. :grinning:

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