OT: Davison wins State Championship!

I’m game

You can have Florida. Nice place to visit but I’m not for living there. I’m heading to Okechobee in a few weeks. A buddy has a vacation home there so I’m heading down to do some fishing.

That was when the Sheroski’s owned it. I’m sure I butchered the spelling. Once they sold their chain of restaurants they all went down hill. Someone drove a car though it last summer (not the drive though) they closed the dining room down and I don’t think they plan to reopen it.

Kersley is still a decent school district but Davison is the best school district in the area.

Yeah, that’s what I heard. Back in the day Davison was a little bigger, but it always seemed to come down to those two schools for the league championship in football. I technically had a Davison address at one time too. Potter/vassar Rd. I definitely know Whitey’s and they had a great pee-wee baseball league I played in. I also had a buddy who lived right on Lake Halloway (spelling sorry its been a while) so I got out that way a lot. What I miss more than anything is the Mexican Joint we had in our area, it was in a sketchy area on the Flint border near the water plant, but it had the best Mexican food I’ve ever had. They made a deal with the Irish bar across the street and so it was an Irish Bar with Mexican food - what a concept. But by today’s standards its a shit hole I’m sure, if it even still exists. I would pay for those recipes though. Super happy for them. I am willing to bet the whole damn town went down to see the final.