OT - Stafford’s 2 Year Old Has Concussion

Thought this was worth talking about… Not so much that his kid took a tumble, moreso that the NFL does unnecessarily release medical information about its players to the public. Is it really necessary to divulge information beyond the fact that they’re injured or unable to play/practice? Kelly had a long IG post that I attached that explained what she’s going through while Matthew is on the covid list and unable to help parent as a result if he wants to play Sunday… Thoughts

Unless I missed it. Which came out first, NFL or Kelly?

He was put on the covid list early this week, there was a thread about it

this sucks, now even if Matt plays vs The Vikes…his mind will be on his kid.

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  1. Matt did good when he married Kelly. Good draft pick, lol

  2. With their money, why don’t they have a housekeeper, babysitter, or somebody they can hire during the football season at least.

  3. Hope the kid is okay, and Matt is too. It ain’t always about football.


Not sure why she felt the need to tell everyone about her kid’s concussion. I have a different view of things and believe stuff like that should be private.


The age we live in man…

Yeah, I said this before, I don’t understand why they release players Covid info with Hipaa.

Dear Kelly,

I find your internet whining annoying. Rather than complaining, do something about it. Lord knows you have the resources.

Seems odd with a 100+ million dollars, that you don’t have a nanny. For a reasonable salary, there would be literally thousands of candidates happy to risk Covid to help with your children.

Conversely, is she comfortable with inviting yet another custody chain of possible carriers into her home. As far as doing something about it, with their money, I would absolutely be doing something about it as a family, I’d be finding a way to get as far away from this state as humanly possible. Nothing to say that’s not in the works either. If I were Stafford, I’d probably give serious thought to hanging up the cleats after the season is over.

I assume the players have to sign a medical release form to ok it…


Possible that since he is publicly on a COVID list, that the information is no longer private and not HIPAA regulated?

I can get info about who is in the hospital, docs office etc w/o violating HIPAA. Also HIPAA.does not apply to employment records, so a possible angle there.

Hope the little one is ok. Concussions are no fun.

I laughed a little at Kelly and her post. But only about one thing…

–“Hey NFL…STOP releasing private information to the public!!!”…

–“little Huntie fell from her high chair onto a a granite floor that was made in Italy. She has vomited up her jello snacks and her eyes are rolling back. We are in the living room right now at 1234 Shut Up Dr. The front door is open so please help!”

I think the question is how the existence a COVID list can be HIPAA compliant.

Her IG the family was more active than we’ve been. I’m sure she’s being safe but it’s interesting to see …
It’s a different approach from a different part of country. They have the resources to be pretty isolated if they want to

Congratulations Billy, glad to see you made it!


Likely because of the mandated rules of injury reporting for the NFL. They have to report who is out and why. Boom, no longer private.

I feel the same way. Their “look at us making charitable donations” social media posts also rub me the wrong way.

All that’s not to say this wasn’t a terrible situation. As someone with a young child at home and no support network beyond my wife and I, I can relate.