OTAs Have Me In Kool Aid Overload

This is a pretty cool interview with our assistant DLine coach and Tim Twentyman. I can’t be the only one in kool aid overload right now. I really feel like this has the potential to be the best defensive line we have had in my lifetime watching the Lions (early 2000’s). Alim is going to take a massive step forward this season. He may even rival Hutch as our best player on defense. The waves of players we can throw at teams is seriously impressive.

Julian Okwara
Brodric Martin

I also don’t think it’s a stretch to say this secondary has a chance to be a top notch unit as well. Our safety trio of CJGJ, Walker, and Kerby may be the best in the NFL. That’s not even mentioning the best safety in the 2023 draft in Brian Branch. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Melifonwu played some quality snaps this year.

At CB we aren’t quite as strong, but thankfully we have CJGJ and Branch who excel in the slot in nickel and dime packages. Sutton has been a very sound starter and is a proven veteran. Jerry Jacobs is fully healthy and was probably our best CB last year. Add in Moseley, who was playing like a top 25 CB prior to his injury and this unit has some serious potential.

Overall, I would say this secondary is top 10 in the NFL.

The LBers are probably our weakest group. The thing is though, they could be pretty damn good this year. Anzalone played like a legit starting LBer during those final ten games. With even better talent around him, that solid play should continue. I have said this before of this forum, but I am completely sold on Jack Campbell. This kid is going to be the face of this defense for the next ten years. He has DROY potential. Behind him we have two guys who have started games for us and shown legit potential. Rodriguez is a starting LBer in the NFL. Barnes needs to take another step, but has a role as a physical presence on run downs.

This group could be way better than expected if Campbell can make an early impact.

This defense will be a top 5 defense this year. I’m completely buying in. We may have the best young talent in the league on defense (2 years or less of experience).

It almost feels crazy to have this level of confidence in this team, but there isn’t a team on our schedule that I don’t think we could dominate on any given Sunday. If you were to tell me that on 2-11-24 the Detroit Lions were crowned Super Bowl champions after coming off a 15-2 regular season I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’m not saying those are my expectations for this season, but this team legitimately has that ceiling. I have never been able to say that before in my life. It’s an awesome feeling to have. The wait for opening day feels like an eternity away. Not sure if I’ve ever been more hyped for a Lions game in my life.


I didn’t even mention the possibility of getting anything from Levi Onwuzurike. If that happens, holy shit.


I heard the lions were going to switch Barnes back to his collage position as a de/ lb like.the cowboys use parsons…i am anxious to see how this works out.


any link to this???

that would be interesting……


I am excited about our potential this year. I do think people might be going in with a bit too much Kool aid. Our defense was god awful last year. This year, it should be better… but I don’t think we should expect it to be good. We have a good young core, and we added a combo of solid starters in the secondary and some additional young potential at S, MLB. I think people are acting like sutton, Mosely, cgjg l, are studs, rather than like the solid, blue collar vets that they are. (Still great adds) I’m not as big on our front. Hutch and alim are young talents (unsure about ceiling, we will have to see), and Houston provides some juice…but the rest are kind of journeyman types. Romeo was great a few years ago, but most guys are never the same after Achilles tears. Honestly I think we improve to like 18th in total defense. But, if our offense stays humming and healthy, that can be good enough to host a playoff game

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Those years with Suh anchoring our DLINE will be hard to top for me but I hope you are right!


I believe it was jeff risdon on his podcast.

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Here’s some Kool-Aid without a ton of sugar. Still, it’s Kool-Aid:


“the number one thing I’m concerned with is all of our guys are violent up front”

Let’s put Sewell in on goal line!!!

To be better than Jones/Fairley/Suh/Ansah…IMO, Bro-Mart would have to work out to be VERY good.

Our ends are already comparable, and Alim can be better than Fairley…buuuut maaaaannn…Suh was a freak.


Alim is awesome. Thankful for him as a human and a professional too.

“It comes through us”…you can absolutely hear the coaching staff’s principles coming through these guys. Trenches first philosophies.

Brodrick is my biggest hope for our D. This guy blows up, so do opposing QBs.

“I really was at home training” (in reference to what he did with his offseason"

If he was playing for Patricia, I don’t think he would be as driven to get more fit and agile. Also - facing the reality that is our OL in practice probably helps him too. Those cats willl hurt your feelings. HAHAHAH!

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Our depth was suspect at best though and we didn’t have much behind Ansah at DE.

I feel like Alim is the true difference maker. This kid is setting himself up to have an elite year and cement himself as a top 10 DT in the NFL. We may not have Suh, but the depth is just so damn impressive.


Correct, for sure.

I see this too, man.

I also agree with this.

Here’s the difference to me…
Suh absolutely blew the pocket up by himself. He literally took away 1/2 to 1/3 of the other teams playbook…
-You can’t run any plays that take time to develop
-You can’t run any plays up the middle.

Second best Lion ever. HIs impact on a game was ridiculous. Our overall D is the best it has been since then, for sure. I also think they will continue to improve for at least another year, maybe 2, before it gets into a space of “sustainability with some fluctuation” type of mode.

I just love that we are trenches first, and that is the strength of our defense.


If Barnes changes positions, does that make Houston Coach Campbell’s new pet!? Asking for a friend.

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Suh didn’t have nearly the talent around him, though.
This defense has the potential to be the best in the last 55+ years.


I think a lot of guys undervalue Levy’s contributions. He was extremely athletic, intense, smart, etc…and clean AF playing behind that line. True, our DBs were not that good, but they only had to cover for .02 of a second before Suh was ripping their QBs arms off.


Tulloch, Fairley. KVB, Avril, Delmas, Levy, Suh. That defense was pretty talented back in the Jim Shorts days. Most them got injured though in typical Lions fashion and Suh left.


And then, stomping on them…