Other 11-19 NFL Games

It’s tough- Seattle has 4 really tough games in a row and if they lose 2-3 of them they seem destined for the #6-7 seed…

We seem destined for the 1-2 seed- do we want Seattle in round 1 in Detroit?

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1 seed is a bye.

But Seattle is a team we owe a beating to

Nope. No way I want to play a Pete Carroll-coached playoff team.

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I agree.

Let’s hope the Eagles lose to KC…even so I don’t see 4 losses there… call them 14-3

I do see 2 more losses for SF… so call them 12-5

Where do we end up? I can’t ignore that 2-3 losses is very possible.

Saints will be fighting for lives….
Minny x 2….
Chicago outdoors in the wind…
Denver- red hot…
At Dallas….

I can see 2-3 losses there being quite possible. The fact that it’s 5 mobile QBs and potentially a. Much of Taysum Hill in the 6th game… eh

If we don’t beat Minny we may only win Division- if we beat em twice it’s likely they get #7 seed

Let’s hope Denver crushes them tonight- cuz

A. O Connell

Bengals backup



The Detroit twice-

Pretty easy road if they win tonight they should go 12-5 or 11-6


Vikings turnover. Love it

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