Other teams think Slay will be traded. Lions taking calls

Well it seems like the Lions are going to move on from Slay. Other NFL teams seem to think so and they are calling to see what the asking price is.

I feel like BQ/MP we’re idiots for shipping out Diggs and are even bigger idiots if they let Slay go too. The Lions should be in the business of retaining talent not selling it.

If we trade Slay BQ and MP should be immediately fired.


Restating my opinion: Quinn trades Slay and drafts Okudah.

Lions continue spinning their wheels.


Hopefully they get atleast a 2nd rd pick for him maybe they get lucky and a couple teams run up the bidding and they get a late 1st.Going to be alit of pissed of people but why pay him 15 mill a year he is on the downside of his career and he doesn’t get along with Patrica.I say move on hope he goes to a decent team he seems like a good guy but he is done with Detriot and I dont blame him.


Slay knows that Patricia is a clown. It didn’t take long for a pro like him to sniff it out. Lions will trade Slay for a 2 or 3 and take the CB from Ohio State. This organization…


If I was BQ… my plan would be to offer him a reasonable extension. If he declines I would play out this year and franchise him for next season unless a decent trade offer came through.

Lions should have expected this after throwing all that money at Trey flowers.

A team without slay isn’t a better team but at his age I am not comfortable committing huge dollars to him for multiple years. Maybe 2 year extension at big money to lock him up for 3 more total years


I thought we weren’t supposed to get attached to players and seek out what’s best for the team? And if that compensation is a late 1st rounder for a 29 year old player is that still a bad move?

I like Slay and I hope they can work out a deal. The fact that a new contract seems to be a part of the trade could be them just taking offers and gauging his market value. After a number is established, the hard work of getting a fair deal done is largely complete.

The thing that bothers me about this is that they don’t now know if Young is going to be there when they pick, so targeting Okudah given that possibility is depressing. How can you even think of trading down when the best player in the entire draft is on the board?

Of course, if Young is there they could grab him and then target a CB with their second pick, using the compensation for Slay to move up to nab him. You then have two premium positions on rookie deals.

This is the ugly side of the business, but Slay is 29 and missed 3 games last year, which could be a sign of things to come with an older player. Like I said, I hope they keep him, but they really should be looking at all of their options. And if multiple teams are in play, there could be an offer they can’t refuse on the table.


But how does that make u better. Create another whole that forces u to use your 1st Rd pic. So your weekend at CB now and u don’t have a first Rd pic. Yep that is so Quinn.


That’s exactly what’s going to happen and makes zero sense if they plan on being in “win now” mode.

I like Odudah a lot actually but it’s a real dumb idea to throw him to the wolves right away as the #1 CB. You ease him in alongside Slay for a couple of years and then replace him down the road, not have him play the Slay role right away. Furthermore, if they wanted to deal Slay, why not deal him when he had more value at the deadline? None of this makes sense if it plays out this way.

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Air, I mentioned this before but when Diggs was traded he was the leader in missed tackles for a safety. I also think that every GM is always looking to upgrade their roster so 30 teams were not willing to give up anything better than a 5th. I trust they see far more in evaluating a player than we do. Lastly, if you were running an organization and had an employee who didn’t do what they were told, told you you that you didn’t know what they were doing and was disruptive to other employees…what would you do? We would all say don’t let the door hit you in the ass. He might learn from that and be stellar at his next job, but that doesn’t make me wrong letting him go.

In regard to Slay (or any player) as a GM you must consider all options. I’ll be silly for a moment and say Washington offers us pick #2. I would say thanks and bye bye Slay. If all I get is offers of a late second or early third. I am not letting him go. (Don’t forget the Lions don’t have to do anything). Listening to other calls would certainly confirm what I already know and would help me determine what his true value is. If 31 teams call, all offering solid compensation then his demand to be the highest paid might be accurate. It does give Quinn some guidance on how valuable Slay really is.

I get Slay cheap this year (age 29) and can franchise him next year (age 30) around say 16M or 17M on the high end and that is what he wants now so it doesn’t hurt the Lions to keep him 2 more years by doing basically nothing. At 31 who will give him a long term deal with lots of guarantees. He has that chance here. Slay has said he wants to play as a Lion and I AGREE WITH YOU, we should not let him go. Replacing him in FA would cost somewhere near as much as he is asking. Pay the man.

WE can’t keep starting over at 3 or 4 positions every year.


The only way you trade him, is for a 1st. We don’t resign him we would get a 3rd round comp pick. I don’t see us trading him, cause it’s do or die for them two.

Slay is saying on social media that 15-16 per is not gonna do it.
He might be saying to the Lions, “I’ll play for you, but the price is going to be highest to you” Effectively pricing himself out of Detroit,
So they should be fielding offers and considering the franchise route mentioned by Usi05.
Hate to see Slay go, but like he says it’s business.

Can’t wait to get another 5th round pick for Slay. Then burn our 1st on Okudah. Fire Quinn already.

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Again, I like Slay. But if he’s asking to be the highest paid player at his position of course you have to be taking calls.

Like the Lions are the only team in the NFL that listens to offers for star players. Yeah, their record doesn’t give them a lot of credibility at the moment, but you have to explore every option to make your team better.


That’s fine but they knew all along that Slay was going to be a tough re-sign (it’s not like this is new news) so why didn’t he deal him when he has some term left on the deal? By not dealing him at the deadline, they left themselves in no mans’ land. Now it’s trading him for an underwhelming return and fill another hole with a player who won’t be as good, pay him the big bucks and risk him being an overpaid 30+ year old or go all in this season and let him walk at the end of the season for nothing like they did with Suh.

Quinn backed himself into a corner by not resolving this sooner and now they may be forced to take Okudah out of necessity.

Meh… If we get a late first I’m down.

TD pick up Miami’s 1a, 2 and 3.
TU back into the mid 1st with the 2b and 3b.

1a. Okuda CB
1b. Kinlaw DL
1c. Fulton CB
2. Swift RB

We play man to man on the outside. It’s not like rocket science. See this guy across from you? Guard him.


Apparently Quin didn’t get a good enough offer at the deadline.
Giving him away then wouldn’t have been any better than giving him away now.
The Lions aren’t the only team that gets into contract negotiations with star players.
We’re just not used to seeing it happen. LOL
Usually the players want to go to a wining franchise from here. We’re always in the hole.

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Here’s another scenario.

What if part of their thinking is that they are absolutely in love with Chase Young and they are worried about him not lasting to #3?

Could they want to have enough ammo to move up if necessary? They would have that flexibility with pick(s) coming for Slay. Not the ideal scenario, obviously. But if Washington is sitting there and have their eye on another player they are sure they want to get at #3, the Lions could swap spots and land Young while still having lots of draft capital.

I’m actually okay trading Slay if the return is right. And we use the return wisely.

Screw the return we have not exactly been successful with the draft pics we have had. So excuse me if I think that’s a real shit idea , trading a top 5 player for draft pics no thanks.
Now if you have to trade him then they need to sign one of the top CBs in FA.

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So if I’m following along…

Trade slay=fire Quinn

Resign slay=fire Quinn

Let slay walk=fire Quinn