OTT Back Open

Hi all,

What a nice couple of weeks of just Lions topics, eh?

I’m re-opening the OTT, but please understand that it’ll be under observation. Myself and the amazing mod team is not under any illusion that it’s easy to talk about anything in the world right now without drifting into politics, or getting caught in the muck of sharing/fervently defending your echo chamber’s favorite “source” on COVID, etc etc etc (this applies to everyone).

So, let’s just try to avoid that shit. OK?

Someone posted the other day about wildfires in California, and it looked like pretty healthy, concerned dialogue. It made me miss what the OTT can be. The Batman movie is certainly worth discussing (although not nearly as worthy as Bond 25) – and I’d imagine, dozens of other interesting topics that help to unite rather than divide.

The OTT is at its best when we’re arguing about beer and movies, and not sensitive topics in which we already have an embedded opinion. I can’t tell you how many private messages I’ve received from beloved, long-time users who drifted into the OTT, and after getting into the trenches, depart the community entirely. That is precisely the opposite of what I want this community to be.

Anyway, do your best.




Yay! Talk about other items instead of the shitty Lions! Glad the ban is lifted. Now if we can get the a-holes to stop steering threads over the edge. Oh wait, did I say that out loud?