OTT: Michigan Senate just approved Alcohol sales @university stadiums

Approved 36-2, the bill now goes to the state House for consideration. Sen. Sean McCann, D-Kalamazoo, the sponsor of the proposal, said on Tuesday fans could “have beers in their hands in the fall.”

McCann said Michigan had become an outlier compared to the rest of the Big Ten conference and universities wanted to be able to sell alcohol.

“They think it increases the fan experience and that actually some people have come to them kinda puzzled that they are not able to do this at Michigan venues,” McCann said in an interview Tuesday.

Oh this should be fun. More fights



I think this will end UM/MSU as a night game. Bad enough when both school’s fans drink all day but to then continue during the game, won’t end well.


Same with CMU vs MSU. HA! GO CHIPS!


Seems odd that this is addressed by statute to begin with.

If it’s that big of a pain, any individual university can elect not to sell alcohol.

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I see this going over very smoothly with already drunk college kids who have been partying since 9am.

Expect lots of naked college kids streaking across midfield early 3rd quarter.

On the other hand, the beers will probably cost $20 bucks each, so the college kids might not be able to afford them.


Most want be able to stand, but its the older dudes who throw ninja chops and bear hugs.