Our Backup throw away can't wait to draft a QB

is ranked 8th the QBR 2022 NFL Player Passing Stats | ESPN

Highly predictable.
Goff’s stats are going to be VERY good this year…predictably.
I think his completion percentage goes WAY up too.
This is all very predictable, to me.
Goff will IMPROVE, as will the rest of the offense.
We don’t even have our full compliment of WR and OL yet.

The “I told you so” crowd will be coming in even more force by mid season…and still more by seasons end…also, I’ll reiterate…I’m saw this coming in preseason.

I’ll never question Goff’s ability to put up stats…we’re just getting started here. This is going to improve.


Goff is fine.


His completion % should be high considering how many of his passes are less than 8 yards downfield

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Completely agree…irritates me…as well as the number of drops. His % should go way up.

I hear you guys … but he does have an excuse. The pass blocking has been VERY poor at times (ahem, Sternberg). He hasn’t had much time to throw at all, and gets crushed afterwards when he does get the ball out.

I think Ben has instructed him to let it fly … incomplete passes are infinitely better than sack fumbles.

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