Our Best Offensive Package?

What will be our most effective offensive package we run this year? Just curious where everyone sees our strength and weaknesses and what will be most effective. Mine is actually a 1 WR package

Chark or Jamo-------------Hockenson/Decker/Jackson/Ragnow/Big V/Sewell/Nelson

With Chark or Jamo on the field the saefty on that side needs to really respect their speed so it would be tough to bring the safety up. We could cram the ball down peoples throats with this O-Line, especially if Hockenson’s blocking skills have improved as some have elluded to. Play action could become deadly. Whether the safety creeps up and you have a one of one with Chark/Jamo deep. You can send Hockenson up the middle and Chark/Jamo on a slant/in cut over the middle and let the CB try to run with them. Hell even Swift on a wheel route up the sideline one on one with a LB’er/safety could be deadly.

This may not be our most used formation, but I think our success rate would be pretty high.

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The best offense is a good defense, and crowd noise.

Our best offensive package is the one with this guy on the field:

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When healthy, 11 personnel with Jamo, Chark, Amon-Ra, Swift and Hock

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Browns’ most offensive package….

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Hopefully Johnson has a big package when the game is on the line.

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QB: Jared Goff
RB: DeAndre Swift
LWR: Jameson Williams
TE: TJ Hockensen
LT: Taylor Decker
LG: Jonah Jackson
C: Frank Ragnow
RG: Halapoulivaati Vaitai
RT: Penei Sewell
SRW: Amon-Ra St. Brown
RWR: DJ Chark (But I considered Josh Reynolds here)

To me that is definitely our best 11 on offense, just not so sure that will be our most effective package. Sewell, Big V, and Ragnow are going to absolutely murder guys in the run game this year. Add in an effective 6th lineman in Nelson and that is going to be very tough to stop. This formation will be killer late in games with the lead.

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Getting ourselves in positions of 4th down ON PURPOSE, so they can watch this cat get it done. People just sitting around with their jaw hanging open. No defense is safe, when Jack is on the field.

Yup. Spread the field to set it up for Ra, Swift, and Hoch. Beat their ass underneath and take them deep when they get lulled into trying to defend our meat’n’potatoes.

J-Will is going to murder them deep. Chark will massively benefit.

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