Our Lads Talk Lion Roster With Jeff Risdon Its Long But Good

It covers D an O with Draft an UDFA Its Jeffs Opinions but at least he knows the players an covers them agree or disagree its still about the Lions


Thanks @coyote12
Good takes!

Listened to the whole thing, really good takes and insights. Came away more concerned about Williams than I had been, unfortunately. A lot more info on the undrafted guys, some good stuff there that I wasn’t aware of for sure. It wasn’t a pep rally, just good takes on their perceptions. Thanks for posting.

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Jameson will be fine once he knock off the rust. He may never have great hands but his college drop rate was acceptable and the explosion is so damn special that there’s almost certainly a productive NFL WR I there.

It’s possible that he’s suddenly developed the yips and he’s now a +10% drop rate guy but more it’s far more likely IMO that it’s simply rust. It’s also possible that he’s Not the best practice player. There have been many a great, explosive wideout that were perhaps meh practice guys.

But I get it. Jamo is the click getter. He’s the storyline driving engagement so those stories aren’t going to subside until training camp when real topics move to the forefront.


The questions that opened up Dan’s press conference the other day were Stephen A. Smith level.


He’s a poor route runner. The NFL isn’t street ball.
He’s not where he’s supposed to be on timing routes, 1 on 1.
That’s a problem, and apparently, it’s not getting better.
He became a Super Star (in his own mind) before he even learned how to run a clean route.
I’m having Rogers/Young flashbacks. I don’t think he’s going to mature here.

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It depends what you mean by that. His footwork at the top of the stem on downfield routes is damn near 100/100. Go watch some Bama tape. His footwork on stutter and goes for instance is like peak Tim Hardaway (Sr.) crossover stuff.

Personally I don’t think he is a poor route runner and I think he has the potential to be an elite separator. I think what he needs to be more consistent with is hitting his mark. That will come. He’s also at a totally different speed than anyone else Jared is throwing to so naturally it will take some time to click.


I’m seeing this over and over.

Imagine if they just practiced to get better.

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No, it’s not his speed. Watch the Podcast.

Young was an undiagnosed schizophrenic so just remove that one from the table.

Rogers? Perhaps. I still to this day think that if Rogers doesn’t break his collarbone that rookie year his career arc looks totally different.

I do agree with timing and dependability issues being present but people are completely forgetting how little practice time he’s actually had.

Feel free to be concerned. I’ll stay bullish as hell until actual gameplay encourages me not to be.
Personally I liked what I saw the last seven games of 2022. The speed and explosion is certainly still there and IMO it’s 4-5 times a decade kind of stuff. I’ll roll with that.


You mean like having Goff invite the receivers out to his place to train before OTA’s?
I can’t imagine that he wasn’t invited.

It’s been widely reported. I’m just not concerned about some concentration drops and timing issues in a non-mandatory pajama party in June. If you want to clutch some pearls over it then by my guest.


Actually, I’d rather not think about it at all.
I’m not the one throwing up smoke signals. I’m just trying to read them.
Thankfully, we have a very good WR room without him.

Not sure of the timeline but Jamo may have already committed to training with Calvin Ridley to work on his routes. Ya know, being a pro and honing his craft instead of daydreaming about the legend he already is.

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Content creators are the ones throwing up the signals. That is their job. I’m not the biggest Risdon guy but his job is above all to drive traffic to the various platforms he partners with. He’s not an idiot and he’s been doing it a long time with a keen understanding of the fanbase’s pressure points. Right now that’s the Jamo bust narrative.

Jamo is going to be productive. Even if it’s just bombs and manufactured touches for YAC he is going to give this offense a lift. And the spacing he provides will benefit all of our most consistent weapons. Might he fall short of the true Superstar that we had all hoped he’d be? That’s absolutely possible but I think his floor is a mix of Chosen Anderson and Kadarius Toney. And as the Ourlads guy mentioned if he merely hits the floor then make him a return guy as well.


Special clay, man. Might be a bitch to sculpt but it’s special clay.

Jamo is not a poor route runner. Anyone who says that doesn’t deserve to be listended to about the WR position.

What Jamo is learning is what every young WR has to learn, which ties into what young QBs have to learn when they get to the pros. In college the play is called and you are either open or you are not. That’s the basic flow of a college game. In the NFL “open” is different. In the NFL the QB doesn’t have the luxury of seeing a WR open and throwing to him. Goff has to anticipate the receiver getting open and throw to a spot. So its extra critical that the WR not only hit the spot, but hit it at a very specific moment in time. And that concept flows over into the other routes in the sequence. Each route is timed to take place in a certain sequence. Someone like Amon-Ra naturally fits into the timing that the plays were designed around. He doesn’t have the speed to outrun the timing unless he puts effort into it. Meanwhile someone like Jamo can effortles blow the timing of the play without even thinking about it. So he has to concentrate on “running slow” while a guy like Sun God may be thinking “don’t run too fast.”

Even when the ball isn’t designed to go to Jamo, if he runs thru an area of the coverage too fast, it could be an issue that the “slower receivers” don’t have to think about. Picture a simple double dig concept where Jamo runs the short dig where he crosses a zone linebackers face and forces the linebacker to have to honor him thru his zone. That takes the linebacker towards the middle of the field and opens up a throwing lane for Goff to hit the other dig route. If Jamo speeds thru his part, it allows the linebacker to pass off his route earlier and get back to the other dig…which could put him right in the throwing lane Goff is trying to throw into. Every young player involved in these kind of route concepts at the NFL level are working on this until the get the timing perfect. Its not that fast guys are stupid and suck at route running. Its that they have more of a learning curve because the plays were not designed around them, and it takes more concentrated effort for someone like Jamo to slow play a route like that than it takes a guy like Amon-Ra who isn’t as naturally fast.


What ever. He’s taken up enough space.
We have what it takes to win. With, or, without Jamo.
It would be great if it was “with”. I’m not convinced that’s what he wants, and I won’t be until he gets his shit together. On and off the field.

Exactly. It’s like the theatre. Hit your mark, Jamo.