Our Oline is a major weakness

This is squarely on Quinn with poor drafting and free agent signings. The only one worth keeping long term may be Ragnow and that’s still a big maybe. Decker=avg and not worth an extension beyond the fifth year. Glasgow= serviceable. Wagner= avg not worth the money. Journeyman guards. Fire the scouts and oline coaches. This is Quinn’s major blunder thus far and may be his undoing. BTW we need to keep 4 TEs and a fullback to block the damn other team and not primarily to increase our offensive diversity .

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Oh, man! We are flat out screwed at guard until Ragnow gets back. Then, we’re only half screwed!


OL looks like a train wreck, for sure. Love Quinn and the scouts though. You can’t fix everything at once. IMO, that’s our one real area of weakness. Look at the entire rest of the roster. This thing is 300% better than last season.

DL Massive upgrade
DBs Nice upgrade
LBs Looks like upgrade
RB Really nice upgrade
TE Massive upgrade
Please don’t fire the scouts

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Let’s just hope the starters are way better than the backups and that there are no injury’s. That was pitiful football against the Browns.

I was under the impression that it’s impossible to make actual observations about this team because it’s pre-season. Just when you think you know what’s going on…

UM It is Preseason…there are no starters out there it’s guys TRYING to make the team
depth players.

That pretty well covers it. I would only add that something needed to be done. We couldn’t keep going with the same middling bunch that we had before, but overall Quinn hasn’t been as effective as even he would have liked.

Yeah, our starting line didn’t look very good…and the backups looked even worse comparatively.

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