Our other sites post count?!

Can we look at getting our longevity transferred over to this site?

I know its egotistical, but boy that would be cool to slide it over here as well.

So, we would know by default who the old timers are…

Just thinking out loud here…

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That would be king of nice. Of course, I’ve been on the other board since '03 but I only had about 550 posts (yes, I’m a reader, not much of a talker).


I’m not sure if that’s possible at all. Still learning the new site though.

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I prefer no post count since some will post excessively just for the count. I joined the Den almost 20 years ago and had less than 3000 posts and I was not just a reader. Newer members within a year had surpassed me. A few members had 20000-40000 posts within a short time ,which was ridiculous. I prefer to see the original year the member joined the Den showing but I’m ok with nothing showing. Ok back to talking about football:) LOL

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I agree with the post count not showing. I remember the crap a few years ago on the other board where people would actively dismiss you if you didn’t have a high post count.


Yeah, maybe we’ll do a poll at some point to get everyone’s take. This thing has a ton of bells and whistles; I’m probably using 20% of what it can really do, so we’ll keep plugging away and growing it with different features.

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Thanks! I love the Polling idea if the post count modification is possible.

I do see both sides…

But, as I said, I am egotistical on this point…

TMI! - my relationship with this site and the folks here is longer than 85% of anyone I know in the flesh. I tend to hold only a few close that I have come to trust. And weirdly this place is amongst those. I just like seeing the “Time in Grade” so to speak!

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DUDE! How are you?!

someday soon… I will be back that way on my Harley and hopefully with my grand daughter in tow!!

I’m good man, you are always welcome to swing by :smiley:

lol polls…missed them a little, but my post count doesn’t matter to me…just reminds me that I’ve been in the DEN for 15 to 18 years. that is one thing I wish I could see again…my original join date from when we had the BIG room ….before it split up…sigh, those were the days…


My post count reminds me I’m a little ~too~ active.

Post count is helpful for moderation but not a big deal to me otherwise.

I’m a fan of AT LEAST the ‘member since’ feature.

Since I joined (in 2006, I think), I have seen the big board, a split, a re-merger, another split, etc. And I’m glad to see a lot of the faces from way back on here. I’m not sure how the mods could verify this (and I’m sure it’s not a top priority in the first few weeks of a new venture), but it would be nice.

Post count doesn’t really bother me either way. I read more than I post, but probably have ~1200 posts total over the years.

My post count reminds me of the old days on the OTT. Oh yeah, I’m a “Legend”. 20,000+ post’s.
And that’s not counting “Humbuckermagic”.

Seriously, if you guys remember/have access to your member since status, just let me know and I’ll add it to your profile. Just list it here …

My status was “Huh?”

My IDs kept getting banned for being too obscene, I guess, I never was told why. I never caused any trouble, just like to keep my online name something humorous. On here, I opted for the one I have used since the beginning of Detroit Lions message boards. I got nothing to hide anymore.

This would be a nice compromise imho!

Assuming Post counts do not happen!

Wow, I’m showing March 2004 from the other site. Has it been that long?!?!

Nate, make sure my profile reads Member since 1972, that way all the respect will be mine!!! (that’s how it works right?)

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Thanks Nate!

Member since 2006. Lions addict since way before then…