Our part in Brady vs Rodgers 2

The matchup of Brady vs Rodgers is really being amped up this week. We know that they only face eachother once every 4 years due to scheduling rules. But why is this only the 2nd meeting between the QBs and not the 3rd?

The answer is…the Detroit Lions. The week before the Packers and Patriots were to meet in 2010, they had to play in Detroit. We put Aaron Rodgers out of the game, and ended up beating them 7-3 with Drew Stanton as our QB (Will Heller scored the only touchdown in the game). The following week the Packers went to New England, but had to start Matt Flynn.

Matt frickin’ Flynn … now there’s a name that strikes fear into every Lions fan’s heart… wait, that’s not fear, I do believe it’s loathing… that and a bit of nausea.


That game was the first Lions game I’ve ever been to. My wife got tickets for my 40th. Great day

I do believe that GB will win this game just like the other. Rodgers is the better QB and they play their best when their backs are against the wall. Brady wants this game so I can see NE pulling out all of the stops.

Comes down to coaching, BB every day of the week and twice on Sunday over McCarthy. NE by 13… And it’ll never be close after the first quarter

When the Packers hurry to the line to get the 12 men on the field call, they always get it…even if the other team doesn’t have 12 men on the field. We got called once with only 11 men on the field, but they got the penalty anyways. Belichick was ready for it in the last matchup. They called the penalty, and he made all of his players freeze in place and forced the refs to recount his guys. There was only 11 and the refs picked up the flag. That’s the only time I’ve seen them pick it up.

Matt Flynn’s name is the reason I’m terrified of back-up quarterbacks. At one point in my life, I thought, “Oh, sweet, we only have to play their backup!” Matt Flynn ruined that for me. He completely ruined it.

If it makes you feel any better, Matt Flynn prepared damn near all year for that start vs us. They interviewed Aaron Rodgers about it earlier in the year, and Aaron was totally on board with “getting Matt his own team.” He liked Matt. The idea back then was to keep winning, so that they would have everything locked up and Matt could make a start to end the season. I bet he spent the last 3-4 weeks at least, reviewing game film of the Lions, knowing that was going to be his big moment.