Our TE room and 13 and 23 personnel

I don’t know what Mitchell runs the forty in but he looks 4.6s-ish. Probably our slowest of the three tight ends but still a mover.

So my question … is it rare to go heavy and yet have all three TEs be able to move like that?

I guess it just seemed that going heavy and still having solid speed across the board was somewhat rate and that as a result there were Ben possibilities that weren’t there last year.


I think they will be problem early with not just 40 speed but how quick they are an yet block. I can see Lions using those sets early while we try cover for Williams missing.

Teams may think they can lessen the threat due to Williams missing an I hope they do.

We have as much speed an quickness as last season with Gibbs an Laporta an Mitchell healthy.
Green is fast he should be better than at school after Pro Camp. The Lions will rely on the TEs early.

I am not sure he makes roster but right now he has shot if they carry 6 WR Dylan Drummond he is fast an runs good routes already an as chance to make roster . But if clears wavers will make PS

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Right. And what we can do with motion and realignment. With how comfortable LaPorta and Gibbs are split out we could (as an example) go from 23 personnel out of the huddle to 12 personnel and still have every playmaker in a spot where they are comfortable. More often than not one coverage defender will not be as comfortable.


4.6ish is pretty fast for a TE. Hock ran a 4.70. Our fastest TE runs a 4.58 and Shane Zylstra ran a 5.0…

I realize he is #4 TE and you said three


Agree they will motion TEs an Gibbs an Brown an on first downs after a TO or change in position you could see Gibbs go one way Brown the other way when they have time by quick line up. A lot can happen when you have speed at so many spots . I also like the ability they show in route running .

I can see us keeping 4 TEs to start season Zylstra is like a big WR position type an he knows the system. We can run double TE with speed an ability I think 4 TEs an 5 WRs


I think James and Brock are probably around the same speed. Mid 4.6s. But I’m guessing with Mithcell as all I can find is a HS time. He moves welll pre ACL. Much better than a near 4.8 guy. iIRC LaPorta ran 4.59. So 4.59, 4.66 and JM (?).

It just seemed to me like it was rare to have the whole room having wheels like that.

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Yeah i stopped guessing 40 times a long time ago. But with Mitchel being a former wr i would say he couldnt be much slower than you are suggesting. Sounds close anyway. I also wouldnt be surprised if be was our fastest if we are only talking linear 40. I thought brock wright was slower than the 4.6 he ran so what do i know


Yeah my point wasn’t supposed to be about specific 40s but instead that I think (and I may be mistaken) that we put an unusual amount of speed on the field when in 3 (conventional) TE sets.

And I don’t believe any of the three are useless as blockers.

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Ive heard that Mitchell’s blocking is coming along. Zylstra is basically a wr like his brother

I don’t think Zylstra makes the team.

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I expect him at least to be on the practice squad

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He’s a Lions guy. I know some of us say it and others of us hate hearing it, but he is. Him and Cabinda can keep piling up stacks in their savings account.

He may make it if we keep just 5 WRs an he will be used more as big WR. I agree he may not will depend on cuts an how many WRs they keep.

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Great post!

One of the recent podcasts, on Ben J or Goff’s play action, highlighted a few plays that showed what you discuss. They showed tight formation with 3 TE’s and then had Mitchell running routes at the mid level iirc. He started blocking then ran a route to the flat, again, iirc. Think they will do a lot of this prior to JW coming back and even when he is back.

While many have a huge role for LaPorta, understandably so, if healthy, Mitchell could also surprise some this year.

The play action ability of Goff really drives so much of this offense and how they can players on the field and still run a lot of their plays on offense.


How about 14 personnel?

LaPorta, Mitchell, Wright, and Sewell at TE.

Extra OL guy in the field… bruises for everyone on the defense.


Nelson filled that role last season didn’t he? I think you aren’t wrong on the 14 but leave Sewell where he is and bring in Nelson who did well there.


I think those days are gone. Being a Lions guy is part of the job description, period. But what happens when a young CB or WR has to get exposed to waivers because these guys are taking up roster spots?

There are bound to be injuries and so when it comes to the home stretch and potential playoff games, is anybody going to be saying, crap, if we only had Jason Cabinda for this game!? Nope. But if we get the injury bug at CB, having a Starling Thomas to spot start could be key.

I dunno, I appreciate their contribution but I think the roster has gotten to a place where yes, you have to be a gritty team guy, but talented enough too.


No arguments here those are some great points. I just think even when tough decisions start getting made, there are a few guys who would really have to fall off the planet game-wise or do something really stupid to be gone.

Zylstra might not be one, but I sense Cabinda definitely is.

Or I could be full of shit and they could both be gone in the first round of cuts. Most of us thought JWill was immune. Well most of us were wrong, and after initial disbelief, I don’t believe any one is upset with having DMont and Jahmyr.


Another way to look at it is that both Zylstra and Cabinda came into the league as UDFAs and are now 27.

At some point, if you don’t make your mark on offense or defense, you’re going to lose your job to another UDFA who might. It’s just a matter of time.

Some UDFA CB is going to bring special teams skills in addition to being positional depth on the 53, just as an example. And, for Cabinda, 2m in non-guaranteed money is going to stand out big time on Brad’s spreadsheet.

And it’s equally true that I could be full of crap and these guys are locks in Brad’s mind. I’d just hate to lose out on a young player that could blow up when we already know what certain guys are in the league.