Outsiders View Lions FAs and Draft

Time stamped Lions discussion by non-fans. They need more Kool-Aid.

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Extremely unimpressed.


Eh. It’s fine. They like the moves at CB. I think Williamson showed that he wasn’t very informed on the year that Cominskey had.

As for being unimpressed but the lack of value presented by Montgomery and AA I can see that.

I just don’t think that misallocating 3m per year or whwatever is that big of a deal.

CB was our weakest area and both liked our CB picks.

Both questioned the Analzone pick (as did many Lions fans).

Both thought we overpaid for Montgomery (who I think is going to be a probowler in our offense).

Full stop.

Wanted “flashier” signings.
Doesn’t like Levis but thinks the Lions should take him at 6.

Most national pundits don’t have any idea about team specifics or how the signings fit. It’s why I have great respect for them when they do (Ben Solak, Diante Lee, Brad Spielberger, Bill Barnwell). They don’t always agree but they tend to have a grasp on why we do what we do.


I was just about to bring up the Levis part!

I have no idea how much this guy knows about football or the Lions. But what we all can agree on is that there are some really smart football people who are in the media these days that we can’t trust anymore, because a percentage of their takes are just playing the game for clicks.

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