Overreaction Sunday (and Monday). Love it

That’s all. @Nate you can feel free to lock it. I just always find it incredibly amusing and the board isn’t disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we’re a place that has so much discussion but yeah… week 1. Feels good to be back into it for the board!

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I feel like overreaction Monday is what makes NFL football so unique to other sporting events. It happens all year long, but the strongest overreaction always comes in week 1. Since it is the only data point, fans take whatever happens x9000. In reality week 1 is the week we should take the LEAST seriously, since most of the rest of the season isn’t like week 1.


Makes one wonder if the Bengals are willing to trade Burrow. :slight_smile:


Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity…

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Haha he still lead the game winning touchdown drive if they could make an extra point. Tough loss for the bengals.

That’s because it’s the only sport that gives nutballs and armchair quarterbacks like us 6 days to analyze and nitpick every snap and decision made. Lol

I saw that missed extra point….laces out Dan! :rofl:

Longsnappers get shit on by many fans, but the Bengals game shows how important they are. The Bengals longsnapper went out of the game with an injury, so they were forced to use an emergency snapper in the form of a positional player. Even when he made a perfectly good snap, the slightly slower timing led to a blocked kick.

There is a reason why every team in the league reserves a roster spot for a guy that does nothing but snap the football.

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Wait the bengals mixed a extra point?

The GAME WINNING extra point. The regular longsnapper was injured, so they were using a regular position guy to snap with. The slightly slower timing led to a blocked kick by Minkah Fitzpatrick.


Fitzpatrick blocked one with no time left in regulation that would have won the game.


I swear some teams are way more lucky then most. Pitt got a lucky break, but heard watt got hurt.

Yea torn pec…massive blow to the Steelers

Ouch. I hate them, but don’t want players getting hurt

Yeah that usually doesn’t work too well, a lot of people don’t understand how important the timing is. Anything greater than 1.25 seconds operation time the odds of it being blocked significantly increase

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