OverTheCap Podcast

Jason Fitzgerald from overthecap talks about the Lions changes, some of the mistakes, the future with Stafford and Golladay and then goes and ranks the open GM spots. His perspective is a little different than former players and football writers, as he has a stronger knowledge of the cap and contracts, so take it with a grain of salt. He talks about the Lions for the first 30 minutes, then the open GM spots for the next 20 minutes.

Anyways, a different perspective.

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Great find, I only listened for about 10 minutes, but I liked what I heard. I’ll find time to listen to the rest of it soon.

TL;DR version?

For those of us that don’t podcast

Man he destroyed us!

Makes we think tomorrow is going to be different imho

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  • Team took a step backwards under Patricia
  • Says you can’t do the Patriots way outside of Belichick/winning
  • Says we have 10 Patriots on roster
  • Had a horrible cap situation when Quinn arrived, much better when he left
  • Took a wildcard caliber team and stripped it (Slay/Diggs/Reiff/Ansah/Ebron)
  • Rather overpay for Patriots rather than overpay for our own guys and let walk
  • Overpaid for Flowers/Collins, asks what Amendola doing for us
  • Should have drafted a QB at 3, thinks it would have saved Quintricia’s jobs
  • Decent Oline, Hockenson and Swift are good, maybe promising secondary and Stafford
  • Not bad enough to draft high, not good enough to compete, not good players in wings
  • Cap not bad, not great, but can be managed
  • Failure isn’t on Stafford
  • Thinks we can get two 1st’s for Stafford because he’s so cheap next two years ($20M and $23M), mentions Colts . . . . if you can’t get two 1st’s, keep him.
  • Should franchise Kenny and trade him for maybe a 2nd or 3rd

GM rankings: Jax (draft picks and cap space), Houston (because of Watson) big gap Falcons then Lions


I am excited to see what the Coach Bevell Lions can do against the Bears.
When i know that this quote is an accurate assessment of the Lions.

You can tell the guy is one of those people obsessed with the draft because of this line. This isn’t the NBA where one dude makes your franchise, and that dude is only available in the first three draft slots.

I agree with most of it, save for this particular bias.

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Thanks bro.

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If we can go into this next draft picking up a 1st and a 2nd, and a 2022 1st, plus maybe a 4th or 5th for Shelton…4 picks in the top 50ish plus another high pick from us and a late 1st next season?

Thats how you rebuild…

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