Overview of the Game

Seattle played better than the Lions today. Period. Credit to them. Detroit is the likely better team but the Lions played poorly today.

Before the half Hobbs drops a key pass. Critical mistake. Then Montgomery fumbles to start the half. Then Goff throws a puck six. Ball game.

14 free points.

The Seahawks played hungry, sound football today. No turnovers today. They outcoached Campbell even with not one but two replacement tackles.

This game was lost on the three plays I mentioned above. 14 points off turnovers. Ballgame. Frustrating.

Worth adding is the awful officiating today. WTF!!! Again. The last non-holding call on Hutch is salt in the wound.

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Seattle TEs and RBs had almost 160 yards. I get Lockett and Metcalf hurting us, they are great players. We got absolutely eaten alive by mediocre players who were constantly wide open within seconds of the snap. Severely out coached on the defensive side today.

Yep but we gave them 14 points. Game over.

I get folks wanting Glenn gone but he didn’t give the ‘Hawks 14 points. The Lions offense did that.

Did James Houston rush the passer today?

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The only time I saw Houston he was giving up a big pass in man coverage. They really need to stop outsmarting themselves with how they use him.


I am done with the “nascar” package too. It doesn’t work anymore. Teams are ready for it.


Seattle took care of the football today. They are a playoff caliber ball club who got their asses handed to them last week and they won a critical game today.

You cannot beat a good ball club by handing them 14 points.

This game is on the players and the refs.

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If Seattle spotted the Lions 14 points this is a route. Subtract 14 from them, add it to us and there is no OT. Route.

This game is on the players and not the coaches.

No because we had 3 phaze Harris in there being invisible in all 3 phases.

synopsis of the defense today……

poop sneezing GIF

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You can only lose to the same team so many times before you’re willing to concede they are a better team.

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But he practices good

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IMO, the officiating got some of our players hurt with the BS calls extending drives.

What I will say that no matter how you slice Seattle came into Detroit and beat us twice in two years. There should be no more talk about how we were the better team this year or last year. They got it done on the road twice.

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