Owners:10 Guidlines to Hiring Your Next Coach

This is behind a paywall. But, if the mods allow (since we don’t copy full paywall articles) I can list the ten tenets from this article. It’s good stuff.

Here’s the first three -

  1. Focus on leadership above all else
  2. Make sure you believe in their plan for building out a strong staff
  3. Find someone who can connect with players
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Point 2 is a toughy. That brings into focus the ability of ownership more than the coach. You get the sense with our owners that they could be sold on anything.

I’ve been saying for awhile that it’s offense that wins championships nowadays, but even I found this pretty eye-opening:

“Among the 20 teams that have made it to the conference championship over the past five years, 19 (95 percent!) finished in the top 10 in offensive DVOA. And 14 (70 percent!) finished in the top five. Over that same period, six (30 percent) finished in the top 10 in defensive DVOA, and five (25 percent) finished in the top five.”

That piece was eye-opening for sure.

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