P Jack Fox Highlights | 2021 Season


Lol they actually posted them.

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It is funny, but show me another punter out there dropping dimes with his arm, LOL.

But still…
Punter highlights.

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Natty … put your pants back on.




Love this so much. Our fucking dude is so badass they have to post his highlights…for the PUNTER! Dude is a total weapon, and I’m so glad we have him. The one where he punted it and our guy caught it in the air was hilarious. WTF kinda shit is that…hangtime so good the punting team has time to get under it and field the ball??? Are you kidding me?

We’re gonna see him grow too. This dude is gonna break out his wheels at some point and absolutely truck some poor, unsuspecting DB that thinks he’s on a return team…meanwhile, Fox sees it as 4th and 12, and we need 12 yards.

Love our guy!

Actually, there was an NFL quota and after stitching together everything else, we were still a minute short. So, punter.


Just kidding, of course.

Whoever made that vid one minute ought to be fired. Fox highlights would take longer than any other player cuzzz…HaaaaangTiiime!

Most of his highlights are some poor dude staring at the sky for 35 seconds after calling fair catch.

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