P. Mahomes

Do you think Pat Mahomes throws for 6,000 yards this season? He is on pace for 7.290 yards and 58 TD

Just happy the Bears didn’t draft Mahomes.


Can’t find an argument against it.

344 and 3 TDs in the 3rd.

We need to score at least 35 points next week to win.


At least.
And the Chiefs aren’t going to drop 7 passes, turn the ball over twice, and give the Lions the ball deep in their own territory 3 times.
The Lions offense better come to play next week instead of looking like garbage the entire game except one drive.

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KC lost to New England twice last season. We beat New England last season. Anything is possible.


He’s good, but also a product of Reid. Chicago could have very well ruined him by now.


Baltimore outplayed KC for 3/4 of the game. KC dominated the 2nd quarter.

Baltimore had a good game plan but their QB had a bad day passing. Baltimore ran all over KC.

Control the ball. Keep KC off the field. Limit the big plays and force KC to string together long drives to beat you.


Cold weather is an argument against it. I think 5500 yards is very possible.

With our defense? I hope we have a plan B.
Btw, good to see you!

Ultimately it depends if they find a running game. If so the passing yards will drop a good bit

So far, the defense has been a massive disappointment
Honestly, I do not understand
Ok, they’re keeping teams out of the end zone … good
But I didn’t see improvement today
In any facet of the game

Maybe they know how to win ugly?
Can’t wait for next week to see how we stack up with the Chiefs
FF should be going nutz!!

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Mahomes is the best player in the league and there’s a gap between him and everyone else.

He has a HOF arm, good athleticism and the most important part he has been preparing to be a pro athlete since he was a kid.

If he doesn’t put up 300 and 3 TDs a game it’s an off game for him. Some of the throws he makes are mind blowing and it’s like watching a video game. He deserves every bit of praise he gets.


Damn it!

A product of Reid? No other Reid QB put up these kind of monstrous numbers. Mahomes is special man…that guy is the shit!

Can you imagine if he can keep this up for the next 10-12 years… woah!

I’m glad he is in the AFC

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Either of Mahomes or Watson in Chicago would’ve caused massive issues for our division as long as that defense is kept together. So glad that didn’t happen.

I didn’t see their game, but the highlights on NFL network showed huge separation for their receivers by 5-10 yards, although one TD catch I saw was a very nice throw. Not saying he’s a slouch by any means but dang, their receivers and scheme make a huge difference.

Just another great combo. Mahomes is one of the better QBs without Reid, together they are taking over and playing like a video game.


He is on another level