Both Unanimous All Americans
Both Remington-Pace Big 10 lineman of the year

Peter Skoronski is my dude at #6 overall this year if top dogs off the board.
I hope for a Texans trade down, but if not take him at 6.

Skoronski is top
Hutchinson is bottom


I love his talent and making the offensive line stronger, but our D is so in need of talent. I’m kinda torn. I just think if a trade down isn’t an option they take best talent, no matter the position. Even QB if that’s what Holmes truly believes.

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What if we get Dalvin Tomlinson, Ashawn comes back, and we sign Sean Murphy-Bunting CMU guy.

That takes a lot of burden off the “needs”

They’ve continually stated they aren’t going crazy in FA, and building through the draft. I just don’t see free agency being that active except for a couple of our players being resigned.

That said, if Holmes surprises us and does something like you stated that I can see him at 6 and I’d love our ability to push teams around n run the ball.

On Ashawn, I’m not a fan of his, he’s strictly a condiment on the DLine, he is someone’s Robin. We need a Batman. Same for the other guy.

Good points, I’d consider Leonard Floyd if it doesn’t break the bank

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Tomlinson and Ashawn will help the run game.

Pascal, Cominsky (hope he’s back) they go inside on pass downs.

Everyything I’ve seen those free agents aren’t top tier break the bank types…actually very affordable projected contracts.

I’m thinking Chicago going OT with the #9 pick. If big V is 100% healthy and agrees to take a salary cut I’d think he’s our starting RG. That should be worked out prior to the draft. If he remains, I doubt we go OT in the 1st.

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I agree if Big V is back n healthy they’ll only draft oline backups in the later rounds. It’s all dictated on their FA plans obviously. It’s going to be exciting for the next month n a half watching their moves.

A) I’m not putting a lot of faith in what “they keep saying” and the probability of Erin leaving and Bears having a bunch of future resources, and Vikes aging puts us in “why not us, why not now” mode…

B) I truly believe the front office expected more “hometown discount” eagerness to sign here. So if they thought they had 25M AAV tied up in Elliott, Chark, Swaggy and Comish, but half or all leave… what do you expect to do with the cap space?

C) why would an overpaid 30 yr old with a back injury be our plan A at RG?

If we draft Skoronski, Big V takes a pay cut or he’s gone in camp after June 1.

Nothing more I’d like than having elite depth on the roster…Big V as backup RG/RT.

But again, 6’6 335 lbs bad back. 30 years old…not sure if he is the dude now or for the future.

I’m all about building on our strengths.

An Identity.

Skoronski fits perfect on a rookie contract while we are paying Decker, Ragnow, and Jonah coming due.

Don’t forget Northwesterns “other tackle” was Rashawn Slater a couple years ago. He’s been stellar for the Chargers

I understand what you are saying, just have heard podcasts from insiders saying they’re hearing Big V will be a restructure to stay. If true, they must be confident in him being healthy. Only time will tell. One thing I’ve started to believe in is they have a plan and are sticking to it…whatever it is for this year, time will tell in the next week.

FA wise, i think they’ll resign Williams for 2 years around 5 million a year, same for the DT/DE , Anzalone around the same DT Buggs around 3.5 million a year for 2 years. I see Chark getting too much $ after seeing what Woods signed for yesterday with the Texans.

I’m all for restructuring Big V and Romeo… even if it’s just turning money into SB. I’ve made a few posts about this back in Jan/Feb

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I think they may restructure Goff and or Taylor OT, as well.

I was just reading a post here somewhere, where w/o restructures we really don’t have a lot of $ for free agency with everything for the year put into the formula. If the do sign a couple big guys we will know restructures are coming.
I just hope they do sign one of the CBs…I want Bradberry I think it is. We need some leadership there, role model for the youth.

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Sean Murphy Bunting went to Central Michigan. Tampa is a dumpster fire it looks like.

6’0 195 former 2nd round pick.

Estimated 4 mil per year contract. Get him on Monday

Season 4 Dunder Mifflin Infinity GIF by The Office

Yes to all of this, my bro.

At that price I’d be happy.

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If Skoronski is Steve Hutchinson…what does that make Van Ness!?